Monday, October 25, 2010

You Don't Need Snow To Have A Great Christmas

by Ellie Evergreen

On television, when you see people having fun at Christmas time, it usually involves snow. Kids are playing in the sow, having snowball fights and building snowmen. Mom and Dad sit by a roaring fire and drink hot cocoa as the snow falls outside the window. We watch longingly as people ice skate on frozen ponds and fly down hills on sleds. We wonder what it would be like to go riding in the snow on a horse drawn sleigh. All of these things are wonderful, to be sure. However, not everyone lives somewhere that it snows every Christmas and many live where it never snows at all. Even so, there are activities that you can be involved with that help to make the seasons bright. Here are a few things you can do at Christmastime without snow.

You do not have to have snow to go on a sleigh ride. Many churches and other organizations hold hay rides during the Christmas season that can be just as much fun as any snowbound sleigh ride. The fun is not in the snow but in the company that you keep. Getting together with other people and having fun is part of what makes Christmas so special. Hitching up a horse and traveling through the woods and across fields while singing Christmas carols is a great Christmas activity that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. The best place to do this, by the way, is on farms that have huge pumpkin patches!

Christmas carols lift the heart and the spirit and make us fell good. Getting together with friend and family and going door to door in your neighborhood as a group of carolers is fun. Many people enjoy having carolers come to their house and sing to them, This is especially great if you have older couples or an elderly person who does not get out much. You can really liven up the lives of shut ins who cannot get out and do the things that they used to do.

Helping people during the Christmas season is a way of getting into the spirit of Christmas and there are a lot of people who cannot help themselves. There are folks who just are not capable of raking up the leaves that have covered their yards or put out their Christmas decorations anyore that could really use some help. I would bet that there is someone in your neighbor hood who could use your help right now.

Making Santa Phone calls is a fun and exciting event that gets everyone in the mood for Christmas. Santa calls are a great family activity that everyone can enjoy. Although Santa is a very busy guy at this time of year, he is never too busy to speak with a child on the phone to spead some of that magical Christmas cheer for which he is so famous. Kids, always make sure there is an adult present when making or receiving Santa calls and always get permission first.

Decoration the Christmas tree on a certain night of every year can become a great tradition as well as drving around your neighborhood at night to check out the lights as a family. Bring your camcorder along to get some great family video that you can watch and enjoy all year long. There is nothing so beautiful as a quiet neighborhood that is all decked out for the holidays. - 39969

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