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PE Artificial Christmas Tree

An artificial fiber optic Christmas treeby Paul Myers

What exactly is a PE Artificial Christmas tree? This is a question we are asked on a regular basis, and with the increase in popularity of this type of tree over recent years, we have written this article to explain the 'ins and outs' of Polyethylene better known as PE. This article should go some way to explaining what PE is, the process involved in manufacturing a PE Artificial Christmas tree and the benefits of purchasing a PE Artificial Christmas tree and how they compare to a regular Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Christmas trees - happy reading!

We hope after reading this article you are armed with all you need to make an informed choice when choosing your perfect artificial tree for Christmas.

After PE, PVC is the third most extensively created synthetic material. Most commonly used in products from milk containers to upholstery; where as the lesser form of PE is more commonly found in everyday carry bags?.

So now you know the basics, your wondering how is my artificial tree produced from a plastic used in shopping bags! Well, as I said there are two types of PE. Our trees use the more expensive version not found in the average shopping bag. So, how is my PE Artificial Christmas tree made?

PE trees are developed using high quality plastics melted and modelled into actual Christmas tree branches, using real branches as a mould. The tree is created by plastic inserting plastic into a tree branch mould.

What is the difference between the two you ask? PE made artificial tree branches tend to have more body than their PVC cousins, they are more pliable and the needles on the branches actually look, feel and act like a real tree needle. Unless you are up close and personal with a PE Artificial Christmas tree you would actually find it incredibly difficult to distinguish a difference between that and an actual 'real tree'. They even have an 'uneven' 3-D appearance which is definitely pleasing to the eye and adds character and ultra realism to the tree; the most obvious difference between that and a real tree is the lack of pine scent.

These artificial trees can be produced in a number of different ways, and are predominantly produced in China although there are some quality tree producers in Europe also. The 'needles' of the tree are mostly produced from slices of PVC film. This film is wound around and through shaped metal branches made to different sizes in order to mimic the appearance of a real tree. Although a PVC tree is realistic, once you are within a few feet you will certainty notice that it is artificial, where as a PE tree is barely indecipherable to that of a real Christmas tree.

If you require more from the tree, you could purchase the pre-lit version, made with warm white LED lights this version adds a touch of warmth and light to any home - 39969

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