Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Spirit Of Giving At Christmas

by Anna Nadette

The ritual of Christmas gifts is highly popular in the West; so much so that the entire population is involved in this ritual and this has become a multimillion dollar business at the end of the year. Amazingly this event has been governed by implicit rules since many years now. The amazing thing in it is that they have not been enforced visibly.

The value of gift that is given depends upon how strong the relationship is between the two persons. Studies have revealed that clothing is the most common gift that is exchanged during Christmas. It is followed by toys because Christmas is a family festival more celebrated by kids than adults and less of a civic festival.

Next in line come the gifts of money. They are given from adults to young people and to employees too. Food and beverages followed next. Decorations and ornaments then led the way for cosmetics and toiletries. These are followed closely by household appliances and jewellery. The last two types of Christmas gifts to follow are the sports goods and equipments and flowers and plant pots.

The research showed that articles of clothing were evenly distributed between both the genders along with gifts of money, other than this every other gift had preferences related with age and sex of the receiver. Males were more inclined to receive sports and equipment. The females were mostly receiving jewellery and home appliances.

In all the cases the gifts are given from an older generation to a younger one. Studies have shown that one in three gifts is going a generation up. It is also seen that children do not give one gift to their parents as a couple but separate gifts are given to both the parents. Children can give gifts jointly or each child may give individually.

With Christmas gits distance does not matter. Christmas gifts are sent over long distances through courier services and special packages are announced near Christmas. So they play an immense role in reinforcing and cementing ties of kinship that may have rusted by the lack of opportunity of staying in contact and in touch.
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