Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas Cards - The Act Of Giving Xmas Cards

by Jc Bradley

They say that Christmas is not a single concept but a collection of a lot of things put together. There are the material things such as Christmas cards, Christmas trees, ornaments, the image of Santa Claus, candy canes, and so much more. But course, there are also the more important non-material matters, such as connecting with your family and friends.

Many people believe that the true essence of Christmas is not through expensive things but the conveyance of love above everything. This is true that the spirit of Christmas is not present when hatred is all at every side of you.

But there are many ways to show love to someone else. They can be shown through tight hugs, embraces, and kisses, while others resort into expressing the love through material things. And one of these materials that show love and affection are the Christmas cards.

The act of giving gifts has always been theleading way of how people greet each other very time the Christmas season comes. However, gift-giving has not been completely possible with a lot of people, due to the fact that most of us travel a lot and end up in distant places.

During the times when Internet and mobile phones were not available, people had to resort in using Christmas cards to express their love. They send this through the conventional mail system.

Since the first Christmas cards were introduced, they have undergone many transformations first, they were embellished with glitters and they were folded at the center with Christmas decorations at the front page of it; the plain cardboards have transformed pinto 3D Christmas cards as time passes by. There were also musical cards and the so-called e-card versions.

But we should not give so much importance to the evolution of these cards. What wee ought to give importance is the thought of giving these things with love. We have to keep in mind that they are the ways that help us convey our love to the people in far away places.

But there are people who have stopped sending Christmas cards as means of sending out their love. They have thought that there could be more ways wherein they can send their expressions of love. One of them is through text messaging. Well, it is really true that you can send your message of love through texting them in your mobile phone. But try to sit down and think it this way: Is text messaging as special as sending your love messages through Christmas Cards? Whatever you prefer, it is your personal choice that matters most and that special love you are going to send. - 39969

About the Author:
Article by Hansel, he is working in a counseling office. He is also into Family games and collecting cross necklace.

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