Monday, October 11, 2010

Cool Xmas Gifts For Cool People

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by Mary Braun

Shopping for Christmas presents can be a challenge. Kids buy what they want with their own money throughout the year. Well-established couples have everything they need. Cool Xmas gifts give you the chance to bring something unexpected and appreciated to Christmas morning and make shopping for them more fun.

Such gifts would be things like a new alarm clock. Sure, the snooze button and radio work just fine on the old one. It keeps time. But what if your teen or best friend keeps hitting that button for five more minutes and ends up rising late? Give her the one with wheels that hides every time she tries to catch a few more winks. Scare your son into wakefulness with the Darth Vader clock, time shining menacingly through the eyes.

Photographers might appreciate the Lego camera-shaped clock, or perhaps something that really does take pictures. Give them the dog collar camera, assuming they have a canine friend. Let Fido take photos of his daily activities, revealing what motivates his every action. Should this same photographer like to swim, cameras have even been built into face masks to capture images underwater.

What teen can be without her tunes? Hardly a one, whether for relaxation, exercise, getting to sleep or just appreciation of the art itself. An MP3 player built into a brightly colored pillow may be just the thing to surprise everyone at a sleep over. Additionally, provide comfortable head phones which come in vivid shades to match the personality of your daughter.

As for teen and adult boys, gadgets often go down well. They like something they have to figure out. Boys still like to play at soldiers just as their fathers did. Stealth binoculars aid play of this nature, especially when accompanied by walkie talkies and solar-powered wind up flashlights. If the boys can cover themselves in leaves this just makes their game more authentic.

Not long ago, it seems, 3-D technology was out of reach to most consumers. Only experts could harness it for making movies or the rich perhaps had access. Now you can buy a 3-D solar system projector which comes with glasses and watch the way planets move around the sun and each other. No excuses for poor grades during the astronomy component at school. Add a robot calculator and your child may be extra-motivated to do homework.

Gardeners and bird lovers may seem content with their seeds and soil, but surprise them too. Purchase wacky seeds that grow into a Venus fly trap or one with leaves that recoil from your touch. Perhaps a new hummingbird feeder shaped like a chandelier of hanging flowers will give pleasure to birds and parents or grandparents too. If someone you know has a pool, pond or fountain, provide shaped, solar powered lights for underwater that change color for a bright addition to her outdoor display. - 39969

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