Monday, October 25, 2010

How To Create A Unique Family Tree

by Anicia Bragg

Almost every family desires a beautiful tree for Christmas. You can choose to use the same decorations available to everyone, however a gorgeous tree can also include easy tips and ideas that will make your tree unique for the holiday, and special for your family members.

While we all like to purchase new decorations each year, we can also use what we already have and combine the two to make an incredible and unique vision. Decide on a particular theme and stick to it in order to have everything uniform. Try to create a truly custom family tree that can display not only new notions, but those from years past.

If your family has a favorite activity or vacation spot, you can get really creative by doing a whole tree in that theme. For example, if you love the beach, you can find many small scale items at craft and hobby shops that you can easily transform into ornaments. Miniature surfboards, paddles, beach balls, life preservers, silk tropical flowers, Hawaiian leis, raffia, and seashells are just a few ideas. Finish the look by sprinkling some sand on top of the tree skirt.

Small and distinctive photo frames can be bought relatively inexpensively and you can use them as decorations. Bright metallic ones usually reflect the Christmas tree lights well and they will add shimmer and bling if they are ornamented with jewels and crystals. Use your imagination to duplicate, trim and frame little photos to showcase special memories or times from holidays that have past.

Although not always the most chic, ornaments that have been crafted by your kids can make endearing embellishments to traditional themed trees. Not only do kids love the colorful photo frames, but they will enjoy seeing their personalized crafts hanging on the branches.

For newly purchased items, you may wish to start a new family voting tradition to decide upon new ornaments each holiday. Everyone should remeber to stick to the theme when picking out new oranments, and you can choose to limit the amount so that you don't acquire too many.

Decorating as a family each year will be extra special by combining both old and newly purchased items, as well as adding new creations. It is the time of your for celebrating love and family, and a nice way to do that is to have the tree be a focal point, instead of the gifts. - 39969

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