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The History Of Home Nativity Sets

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Christmas is one of the most important days of the year, particularly for Christians. The celebration of Christmas means the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, or nativity, and this unique event has been depicted by many generations since, in remembrance of God's love for man.

The event that surrounds Jesus' birth was first described in the bible. The baby Jesus that was born in a manger was visited by some shepherds and three wise men. These three men had a guiding star that was shining directly on the site. This is a remarkable story that has inspired the subsequent pictures of the nativity, retaining the essential information but with slight variations.

The first ever nativity scene was created in 1123 by Saint Francis from Assisi. The main purpose this was to inspire people to worship the Christ and some live actors were used for this purpose. In a few years after this, many communities started staging their own pantomimes that later evolved and become nativity sets. These sets were composed of models that were static and made out of materials like wax or ivory. These models were dressed in bright clothes and were set against landscapes that were very beautiful.

In the modern society, pantomimes still exist, but it is more common to see the static nativity sets, especially inside homes. These sets are usually composed of figurines, with the most basic ones including only Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus as he lies in the manger. More standard sets include a stable or a cave, as well as figurines of the shepherds, the wise men, or even the angels and animals.

Other versions of nativity sets have variations, often without any Biblical support. These may include figures of the apostles, Satan, or Adam and Eve. Although these characters are Biblical they were not at the original scene of the nativity. Although these sets are not factually accurate, they are still representative of the nativity's significance in Christianity.

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