Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Calendar Christmas Cards - Beauty And Function Combined Like Never Before

by Andrea Custers

It's a time honored tradition to send a calendar just before the new year. Long time ago business holiday calendar cards got into the act when businesses saw a great opportunity to touch base with their clients. Now, business holiday calendar cards are popular with everyone. Luckily, there are designs of every conceivable style that combine beauty and function. So, you'll have no problem choosing one that will remind your recipient of you all year long.

Many will enjoy the Classic Calendar in siren red. White lettering on a black background makes that all-important calendar easy to read. At the same time, the red border gives this graphic design a zing that will make your recipient happy to display it above the desk at home or the office.

The delightful Hedgerow Leaves in umber is an excellent example of a business holiday card that illustrates the point that beauty and function are natural partners. It offers a full 12-month calendar with ample space at the bottom for a message, a logo, or any text the sender wishes. It's all made into a standout design by the delicate brown background with a nature motif. Style and practicality never looked so good.

The cheerful colors of the Friendly Reminder calendar card is just the start of this excellent design. The text beneath the months helps create a holiday card that will raise anyone spirits. You can edit any of the available text boxes to print your message and know they'll see it all year.

Your message might be to a client or employee, a pleasant reminder of how much you appreciate their efforts every day. Or, you can personalize the text for friends or family members to express the affection you feel the whole year 'round. Tell a joke, quote a pithy line of poetry, or just speak from the heart in your own way.

A different take on the calendar theme can be found in the Striped Calendar card. Sure, there's the usual 12-month calendar to ensure that your recipient has that useful tool handy. And the lovely graphic design in brown with thin red stripes would motivate anyone to keep this card always in view. But the photo is what really does the trick.

You can upload an image of anything you like to be placed on the top quarter of the Striped Calendar card. Choose a posed picture of you and your employees, happy to have done so well over the past difficult year. Select a candid shot of the family from your summer vacation. Or, choose your favorite nature scene to share with friends. No matter what you choose you can be sure this card will be displayed all year.

A holiday calendar card can be a very dull affair. Lucky for you, there are a dozen business holiday calendar cards that will excite you and anyone who receives one. - 39969

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