Thursday, October 28, 2010

Help The Little Ones Leave Cookies For Santa

by Aaron Hu

Waking up on Christmas morning excited for opening presents is something that a lot of kids look forward to every time this festive season rolls around. Not knowing if they have the gift that they wanted, wondering if the Santa letters they sent off would be answered that day, and slightly cranky because they didn't sleep the night before is the typical morning of Christmas day for a lot of children. So many parents have a hard time getting their little ones into bed without some sort of bribe, and it's understandable because it's such an exciting time of the year for them. However a good night's sleep is something that all children need; and saying things along the lines of them not receiving their letters from Santa if they don't sleep will dampen the mood for them. So that's when the use of legends can come in to play, and this particular one involves leaving cookies for Santa.

Almost everyone that celebrates Christmas can remember at one point staying awake to look out for old Jolly Saint Nick. Listening for the tell tale sign of something on the roof, or waiting for a man to pop out of the chimney are things that both excite and terrify. Excite because seeing Santa would mean that the presents are there, but terrify because it's not known if said present was received.

A lot of children can become very caught up on the whole naughty or nice list, and that's where a lot of restlessness will come from in the night with them thinking about whether or not they have the object they wanted or a big lump of coal. One way to take away the anxiety of the final moments of the waiting is by helping them make and leave out cookies for Santa Claus. This process can really make the difference in eliminating unneeded stress from the kids.

The legend of leaving cookies out for Saint Nick has somewhat of a shadowed origin, however the child that does leave Santa cookies is said to be given somewhat of a second chance if they weren't always 'nice'. The cookies basically give Santa that extra boost he needs on such a tiring night, so because of his gratitude, he'll leave behind a nicer present. Now while this needs to be a decision based on their actions throughout the year, letting them have a little extra bit of hope can do a wonder for their enjoyment of the holiday.

Baking the cookies with them will not only give them something to look forward to but also serve as a bonding factor. This is something great for the family to practice together, especially because the theme is to do something nice for someone else. It's a great way for families to come together and have fun with something very simple in task, but very meaningful.

Typically any type of holiday cookie, or even regular chocolate chip cookies can be used for this little tradition. Don't forget to leave the glass of milk as well! This will really assuage any Christmas Eve jitters and help the child get the proper rest that they need. They fall asleep a lot faster and easier, and once that happens, make sure to move the cookies and milk. It would be an absolute disaster if they thought Santa didn't want what they made for him! - 39969

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