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The Best Christmas Tradition

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Christmas is the time of year that brings families together. Many people are traveling, desperately trying to get home or to their families in time for Christmas. With all of this going on, there is another tradition that we have started. Unlike the family traditions like the writing of the Santa letter or opening the letter from Santa, where the whole family comes together for the event, this tradition is a little more selfish than that. On Christmas Eve, my wife and I stay at home and do nothing. I know that does not sound like much of a tradition but it important to us.

It took several years but most of our family has finally caught on to the idea. With our children grown with children of their own, it is the perfect chance for us to be alone on Christmas Eve and enjoy each other's company. They know that we will join them before this day and after. They can count on us to visit with our grandbabies and bring our gifts. We spend time with them and always have a huge meal on Christmas day. Christmas Eve, however, is our own.

It starts with the house being completely dark save for the candles that we place in the rooms that we will use. We burn two or three candles in the kitchen, two in the bathroom, and twenty or more in the living room. Candles have a way of setting so many different moods. They can be scary at Halloween, romantic on Valentines day, (night) and useful on the Fourth of July, but on Christmas Eve, they are just joyful and yet soulful at the same time. It is difficult to explain but it makes our house feels like a home on that one special night of every year.

With the house warmly lit by the multi-colored and multi-fragranced candles, we also light pine or Christmas scented oils and incense. The smell of Christmas by candlelight makes you feel warm inside. It is almost like knowing that you are loved but not knowing by whom. Now it is time to whip up some hot chocolate and settle in front of the fireplace.

We have found that on Christmas Eve, we prefer a low, slow burning fire as opposed to a roaring fire. It is nice to have a roaring fire during those cold days and nights when it is needed but on Christmas Eve, a small slow one is best. On the CD player, we will set up the old classic Christmas albums that we grew up with as children. The crooners of old really know how to put you into the spirit and the instrumentals are just as cozy.

Sometimes we will talk quietly about the Christmases of old, but, most of the time we just sit there in the glow of the candles and firelight and just are together. Each of us lost in our own thoughts about what Christmas means to us and how much we love sharing it with each other. When two people have been together long enough, they learn how to enjoy each other without a lot of words. This is one Christmas tradition that I will always cherish. If I am left here alone, I will still carry on this tradition and I know that she will be here with me. If she should still be here when I am gone, I know that she will also be right here on Christmas Eve and I will be here with her, in her heart, keeping her warm without saying a word. - 39969

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