Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Great Christmas Gift Ideas For 2010 - How About Barbie And Toy Story?

by Gar Mock

All the children are getting excited because Christmas is coming again soon. They have been bombarded and confused with TV ads, magazine ads and everything else, so they may not know exactly what they want this Christmas. But, they will be busy writing their letters to Santa.

Old standards that have stood the test time are always good choices. Lionel trains and Monopoly are two that come to mind, but there are others as well. Although people will naturally want to know what the best selling toys for this year are going to be, it's hard to go wrong with the old favorites.

Toy Story and Barbie have the prestige of being two of the most popular toy lines of all time.


Barbie has been the most popular doll in the world for the last 50 years. The Barbie doll has more prominence and longevity than any other doll. No other doll even comes close.

In 2009 Barbie turned 50 years old, with a slew of new products, including the The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Barbie, My Favorite Barbie series, Barbie Rocks fine jewelry, Barbie cosmetics from Stila and even a fashion show during Fashion Show Week.

Kids today are still saying "Let's play Barbies", just like their parents and grandparents before them. Barbie dolls are a cultural icon and those parents and grandparents likely are still collecting Barbie dolls to pass them on to the next generation of Barbie lovers. Barbie is a classic toy whose popularity continues without diminishing.

Toy Story

Fans to this day still enjoy the great movie Toy Story. It made a lasting impression when it hit the movie theaters in 1995.

Toy Story Two in 1999, and Toy Story Three in 2010 are two sequels spawned from the original Toy Story movie.

The Toy Story Collection of definitive replicas includes among others, favorite characters Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, and Jessie Cowgirl. These should prove to be some of the most popular Christmas toys for 2010, emerging from the huge collection of Toy Story and gifts created over the years.

Barbie and Toy Story Three

Recently, the Barbie dolls - Barbie and Ken have been added to the Toy Story 3 line. This has made a "stellar contribution" at the toy stores as well as the box office.

If you have Toy Story fans in your family, they are sure to love some of the many Toy Story Christmas gift ideas you can choose from.

So, the big question is: "do you know what to get your child this Christmas?" Well, there is one thing for sure - it will more than likely be one of the popular toys. And you really should consider all-time favorites such as Barbie and Toy Story. - 39969

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