Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pop Up Christmas Photo Cards - Turn A 2-D Holiday Card Into A 3-D Gift

by Jeniffer Beckersen

Your friend's eyes just might pop out if you send them a pop up holiday card. Pop up christmas greeting cards literally expand the two dimensional card into a 3-D decoration. Cheerful graphics and your personal photos ensure that your card will be a standout this year.

The Snowflake Sparkle design is sure to bring a sparkling smile to your recipient. The outside features a delightful bright blue background sprinkled with white snowflakes. Open the card and it pops up, displaying your delightful photo front and center. Feature the children, the whole family, or just a beautiful scene that touches your heart. Then let nature take its course.

The Berry Gift design uses the same physical design, but with entirely different graphics. This nature motif card features a simple tree branch drawing to create a lovely background for your text and images.

Use one photo for the exterior, perhaps of you and your family during a recent vacation. Select another for the interior pop-up portion. If a picture is worth a thousand words you've just written an epic. Inside, that same nature design is supplemented by a cheerful bird about to land to meet his partner. You'll be delivering something much finer than worms to your friends with this card.

That two-photo opportunity has also been used in the Lacy Emblem design to powerful effect. The outside photo might feature you and your little one strolling along the beach during the warmer season. Or, it could feature the family dog bouncing along the snows that are starting to pile up around the home.

The interior offers another chance to continue telling your story in words and images. Its background is elegant and striking: black lace complemented by still more striking red. The pop-up stands out prominently to show friends and family that great photo you took of everyone standing in front of your outstanding Christmas tree decoration design.

Children have been writing letters to Santa for generations. Let your pop-up card reflect that same spirit of joy and wonder by sending a Santa Letter card. The exterior is designed to resemble a striped envelope (remember those?), complete with postal stamp.

Inside, that green-red-white stripes graphic theme continues in the form of wrapped gifts that remind you of the unique holiday coming up. Beneath the presents your photo takes front and center position on stage. Let the kids' smiling faces announce your best wishes for the joyful season now arriving in full.

Let the cheerful spirit of the season be reflected in your choice of Christmas greeting cards. Use pop up holiday cards to do that in a way that turns a card into a decoration and a keepsake. Take some new shots of the family and use them to keep friends and family up to date. You're sure to get some smiling photos in return. - 39969

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