Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas Greeting Cards -Would You Purchase Or Make One?

by Jc Bradley

Every time the holiday season comes in particularly the Christmas time, we all look forward to sending out Christmas greeting cards. We all find it necessary to indulge and send out the cards to our friends, relatives, family and even acquaintances. As they always, say, Christmas is the only season in which love and celebrations is highlighted above all things on earth. So for the people who spend most of the year working and tending to the school requirements, it is the time of the year when you would slow down and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Since there are some Christmas greeting cards which can be purchased readily all over the market, why not make a Christmas greeting card on your own? Since all through out the year you are busy with your businesses, why not apply a little effort for your loved ones and make the season more heart warming.

To do this, first buy cardboard papers and multi-colored markers. Fold the cardboard papers in half. Design one of the flaps using the markers, pour out all your creativity as this will be your cover. If you want you can even include more stuff like stickers, pictures, magazine and newspaper cut-outs, ribbons, and so much more.

And on the inside, write out your special message to the person whom you intend to give the card to. Put your finished cards into their respective envelops (you can make them, too!) And that's it, you're ready to send your home-made Christmas greeting cards.

Since the home made cards are certified to make a person's countenance to smiling, purchased ones will also do the same. If you've got no time to create one or you have a lot of recipients to deliver the cards, then buying the cards would be the best solutions for you.

Buying Christmas greeting cards could be your choice if there are too many friends and relatives you are planning to send out your cards. After all, we are all guided by the saying "it's the thought that counts". As long as the message is sincere, you will definitely make anyone happy and feel loved this season.

To wrap this up, it won't really matter whether you have bought the Christmas greeting card from the market or made it your self. What matters is the message that you have given.

They can be simple pieces of papers and decorations but they can have meaningful messages as you offer your sincerity this season. You may be gapped by distance or not, but the act of delivering your sincerity, thought and love to other people around you is something that makes you remembered. - 39969

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  1. Can you share any video or idea to make Christmas Greeting Cards! By the Way thanks for the Blog!