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Gift Exchanges And Gift Giving For Kids This Holiday

The Kid's Tableby Edie Mindell

How to successfully navigate the perilous waters of a gift exchange can be a tricky task. At the holiday season we are beset with many different kinds of gift exchanges. There is the office gift exchange, the neighbor gift exchange, the gifts we exchange with our friends and the great white elephant gift exchange. While each of these exchanges has their own fun and pitfalls perhaps the most perilous is the family gift exchange.

Gift giving between siblings might be a fun tradition that is not too difficult - sure last year you received a novelty holiday sweater that has not seen the light of day since, but it is all in good fun. When it gets truly tricky is when the gift exchange flows down to the next generation to nieces and nephews.

Get it right

You love your nieces and nephews. You carry a photo of their pink pudgy faces and show off your precious babies at every chance, but shopping for a baby or toddler when you have none yourself is sometimes difficult.

Appropriate gifts

The last thing the mother of a 9-month old needs is more choking hazards to worry about, or a large toy which encourages climbing, or toys that make incessant noise without secession. Fortunately you don't need to be Dr. Spock to know what kinds of toys babies or toddlers of any age are bound to love without causing their parents hardship.

Most toys are divided into age appropriate categories and labeled. All you need to do is read the label. If there is no age label then a little bit of common sense will come to your aide. If your niece is 18-months old she is likely to enjoy simple toys like dolls or trains. The complicated toys with delicate parts will break and frustrate. Think also of mom and dad. Noisy toys will find themselves hidden out of earshot.

Mom knows best

This maxim applies to all mothers, even the moms of your pint sized nieces and nephews. Before you go out and complete all your holiday shopping it is always a good idea to run your list past the toddler's mom. Tommy (2-years old) might love a remote control car, or 17-month old Suzie might enjoy coloring books and bright markers.

Yet if these gifts will inspire those little free spirits to run into the busy roads or create great works of art on the walls, then maybe they should wait.

Running your gift selection past parents helps you avoid these pitfalls that you might not know about otherwise. You can also be sure your gifts are not being duplicated. You might be given an even better gift idea.

Spoiling your babies at Christmas time should be fun! Remembering a few simple rules before you shop will ensure your success. - 39969

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