Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Ornaments - Unraveling The Truth Behind The Tradition

by Jc Bradley

Christmas ornaments play a very big role during Christmas celebrations. They are things that help to bring out the jolliness of the season. These things are very nice to the sight but have you ever considered the meanings and origins of these things?

Christmas is a tradition that depicts the birth of Jesus. After which, many things have followed to spring up and that included the Christmasornaments. They are things to decorate the homes during the Christmas seasons. But are these decorations really have something to do with Christmas? Are they really in connection to the birth of Christ?

The use of ornamental trees has become popular in the turn of the 18th century. During those times, the best ornaments that can be ever found were apples and grapes because of their colors which are both red and green and their round form. Many believed that the color red and green symbolize happiness, cheers, and fun. The rounded shapes make them easier to place as adornments.

There came the Christmas tradition which is known as the Christmas bauble or Christmas ball. This carries the same colors and same rounded shape. This tradition originated in Germany and that this was the start of hanging round fruits during Christmas. But theseChristmas balls have many other uses.

There came also this Father Christmas who is famously known as Santa Claus. He originated in the United Kingdom and because he was so popular, there were many adornments that soon had to spring out.

Through the years, these Christmas ornaments have evolved. There were woods that have turned into plastics, metals, ceramics, and porcelains. There were also ribbons, socks, candies, and many others.

We can safely say that the traditions attached to Christmas have no particular connection to the birth of Jesus Christ. However, if you think about the original reason behind these traditions, you can see how they are still very important in our lives.

Christmas trees and other ornaments have become a part of our Christmas celebration up to the present times. Whatever the meanings and origins of these, ornaments, well, what is more important is the way we celebrate Christmas and how we feel its spirit. And what matters most is the love that springs out from our hearts which gives the true meaning of Christmas. - 39969

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