Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Latest From Big Pharma's Bag Of Tricks

One of these days, we might all just wake up to see our rights to make personal decisions forcibly taken from us.

Look at what had just happened in Massachusetts. The State Senate passed a bill mandating compulsory vaccinations of all sorts on all state residents. Refuse and you get slapped with a $1000 fine a day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Disturbing State Of Medicine

Well, if the statistics from an article I recently read are to be believed, I would indeed be disturbed, and perhaps, be seriously thinking about its implications.

The article was written by a veteran contibuting author in a natural medicine website. We know that the tomato pelting between the mainstream and the natural and alternative medicine camps has been going on for years now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter Written In 2070

Ten copies of this letter were distributed to each elementary school student who was then tasked to solicit comments based on the content of the letter.  I was one of those given a copy for my comment. When I read the entire letter, I must admit that it made me ruminate for quite a while over the seriousness of its content. The letter may sound alarmist to most people, but the changes that have been happening in our environment are more than enough reason for me to set aside my skepticism. I decided to share and pass this on so you can also ponder on this and form your own opinion.

Here's the letter's content:

We are in the year 2070.

I just turned 50 years old, but look 85.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Give Her An Unusual Gift Rather Than Flowers

Valentines Day, birthdays and anniversaries are occasions when you just don't know what to buy for your special someone. Its far too easy to pick up some luxury chocolates or a bouquet of flowers these days, you can probably pick them up while you're filling up the car on the way over so why not go for something with a little more thought but just like the flowers and chocolates, will get eaten used or discarded.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Ideal Romantic Gift - Love Story Novels

Most people nowadays make use of their leisure time in reading different experiences or just about any category of books. But most normally, we all tend to read the guide which has a story that people can easily connect of in the real world. As a book enthusiast, I've got collection of novels causing all of choices only with just one class, that is certainly an motivational stories. [Search for Love Story Novels]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gifts To Give Your Lady This Valentines Season

Want to make the Valentines season special for her? Then you have to make it nearly every day. Here are some of the best Valentines presents that you can entirely cope up with and are straightforward to do.

You can start the Valentines day by giving her the simplest yet most romantic gift that you can ever give and that would be via roses and really like cards. These are low cost alternatives but would definitely perk up the commence of the Valentines season. These gifts can also say that the season of really like and romance is unique for you and you wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Best Valentines Gifts For Your Loved One

With Valentine's Day fast approaching you're probably rushing round the internet looking for the best valentines day gifts. One option available to you is getting your loved one a bouquet of flowers. These are a good option because they are attractive to the eye and are an affordable option for anyone.

The thing everybody thinks of when they consider what to get for valentines day flowers is easily roses. Roses always work for your loved ones. But you've got to think before you buy roses. Do you want your flowers to be the same as everyone gets. What you want is something that corresponds with what you feel towards your loved one. [Search for fresh flowers free delivery]

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Make Valentine's Day Perfect With Handmade Jewelry

To help make the 14th of February extra special this year you should buy your woman handmade jewelry for Valentine's Day. This unique gift will show her that you are truly thinking about her and of course when you give a cool present you are likely to get one back too.

Handmade jewelry is a much better gift than the mass produced garbage you will find at most stores because each piece is unique. When you give handmade jewelry to your girlfriend or wife you are showing her that she is unique and special to you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Brief History of Valentines Day

The number and variety of stories and tales concerning the origin of Valentine's Day will make your head spin. Some say it began as a feast or festival in ancient Rome. Others say it's based on one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The idea of romantic love being associated with Valentines Day came much later, possibly from Chaucer in the era of courtly love. Here are a few of the more interesting tales.

Lupercalia was an ancient festival near the city of Rome. It was originally held by shipyards to honor Lupercus, a fertility god around February 13-15. This festival lasted well into Christian times before it was abolished by Pope Gelasius near the end of the 5th century.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 Ideas To Make A Wonderful And Heart-felt Romantic Gift

Searching romantic gift your partner will never disregard isn't that very easy. It can typically allow you to rise up all night completely clueless on what to find. Don't become burdened, it's aside from that, you can always give something which will relaxing his/her emotions. Here are the top features the best romantic gifts have. Hang onto these kinds of and you'll be definite to learn the ideal gift with your lover. [Search for Romantic Gifts]

Monday, January 17, 2011

Studying History To Locate The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Idea For Him Or Her

The patron saint of Valentine's day was a person known as Saint Valentine. Believed to have lived in the 3rd century in Rome, the person known as Valentine was considered to be a priest who actually conducted marriages in private when the Emperor of Rome, Claudius II, came to the conclusion that unmarried males made better soldiers than married men. To keep his army operating at peak potential, Claudius II outlawed the institution of marriage.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine Tips Aimed To Redeem Your Marriage After Cheating

It might seem a little off to ask but you need to know what to do for Valentine's as you're struggling to save your marriage after cheating. Valentine's Day can be an important day in your efforts to get your marriage back on track and finally get the forgiveness you've been looking for. Here are a few tips to help you put things into perspective and ensure that you don't make any major missteps on Valentine's Day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Other Options for a Valentines Gift

Valentines is less than two months away and soon, love will be in the air once again. Lovers, sweethearts and married couples alike are going to be busy with their gifts. Candy shops will be brimming with customers pre-ordering chocolates for their ladies. Flower shops will be filled with gorgeous men trying to purchase bouquets of flowers for their special gals. Restaurants, resorts and hotels, will already be fully-booked as early as the month of January. Valentines Day is going to be a really busy day for those in love. [Search for valentine chocolates]

Friday, January 7, 2011

Romantic Gifts Perfectly just for Your Man

Offering gift items for men doesn't require a great deal of planning. Even though, what it does should get is a list of items that males are inclined to and more importantly being aware of what he prefers and would want to get. There are lots of gift things available that may definitely produce his day. However , if you are looking for romantic gifts just for him, it's best to think of gifts that will emphasize him of one's love and passion.

The following are definitely the best romantic gift options that you may have for your guy:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Few Suggestions On How You Can Make Valentine's Day Really Unforgettable

Every year, people celebrate Valentines Day on 14 February. Valentines Day is considered as a day set aside for lovers. The whole idea of Valentines Day came about when a saint valentine vehemently opposed the rules set by the king at the time and did great acts to unite lovers. This came at the expense of his life.

On Valentine's Day, people celebrate in ways that show how we treasure our lovers and everyone else who matters to us, for example members of our family.

Valentine's Day for Single Girls

Some people do not like being alone on St. Valentine's Day. Younger women in particular feel that being alone on St. Valentine's Day bears a stigma, which makes them feel depressed and abandoned. But just because someone is not in a relationship, it does not mean they cannot have a good time. I will give a couple of suggestions below to help you have a time to remember.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Handful Of Suggestions On How To Have A Fantastic Valentine's Day Celebration

Did you know that there is a real person being remembered and commemorated by Valentine's Day? Valentine was a saint who is considered the martyr of love, because he went against the rules of the kin and sacrificed his life to unite lovers. His day, February 14, is celebrated around the world.

Because of this on February 14 lovers work to make their beloved feel extra special and treasured. Doing something sweet and unique to show that special someone you care is most important.