Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Ideas For Throwing A Victorian Christmas Party

by Donna West

When you are celebrating Christmas with your family and friends, you should know that the Victorians are the people to thank for many of the joyful festivities and customs we follow. They were the first to promote the idea of gift giving and charity to the poor as being important parts of the holiday. If you are in need of a Christmas party theme, then perhaps you should step back in time and have one of the Victorian style Christmas parties. Theirs was a family celebration with the primary focus being on the children and Christ. They were the originators of attending a church service, having a big family dinner and visiting with friends.

For Victorian decorating holiday ideas, consider using plenty of cedar, greenery, ivy, berries and mistletoe, etc. The Victorian parlor basically equates to our modern living or family rooms and they were always lavishly decorated with garlands of cranberries and popcorn, paper chains, lace and glass ornaments, angels and snowflakes.

If you have a fireplace, then cover the mantel with boughs of greenery, and include pineapples, oranges, pomegranates, berries and apples together in clusters. Get several of the larger pillar candles of varying heights and group them with like colors, wrap some greenery around them and small white lights concentrating around the candles to give them a light glow. The Victorian Christmas parties usually included decorating the staircase as well with lavish displays of garland and wide burgundy colored ribbon and bows as a way to complete the Christmas party decorations.

The Victorian women loved the gilded look so you might want to get some gold spray paint and paint some pine cones, nuts, leaves and even some ornaments in order to keep with their Christmas party theme. They used lots of burgundy ribbon to make big bows for the tree and other locations, such as mirrors. The Victorian look can not be overdone. If you need a Christmas party game from the Victorian era, then you should know that they loved parlor games, such as blowing a ball of wool on a table; the object being to keep the ball from falling off the table near you, and the longer the game goes the more comical it gets, which they truly loved.

Your Christmas party theme idea would not be complete without serving an authentic menu, which would include raw oysters, fried smelts and sweetbread pate to start. The main course would either be pheasant, roasted goose, turkey or venison, or sometimes a combination of all of them. Side dishes at Victorian Christmas parties would include potatoes, peas and rice croquettes, with mulled wine to wash it all down. For desert there would be rice pudding, fruit or possibly plum pudding. - 39969

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