Monday, October 25, 2010

The Joy Of Giving Holiday Presents

by Mary Jo Braun

There is nothing more exciting than a holiday. Whether it is Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter or some other time of the year. There is something about the store decorations, the advertisements and other things that bring a festive air throughout the land. One of the great things about these times of year is being able to present Holiday Presents to those who are important in one's life.

Christmas is a time that is filled with thinking about, purchasing or making gifts. What to get for dad, cousin Willie, one's boss and others is a fun time. The anticipation of other's faces when they receive a funny, practical, homemade or purchased gift is always looked forward to.

People who have creative talents often use the holidays to produce some of their best work. These homemade gifts are always received with great appreciation by those who know how hard the giver has worked to make something special. They are proudly worn or displayed for all to see.

Next to Christmas, Valentine's day is probably the the year's most important holiday where gifts are concerned. Giving a present to one's loved ones is a tradition that has gone on for years. It is the one day to truly show love from the heart. Whether it's piece of jewelry, a box of candy, a bouquet of flowers it will show true affection for the recipient.

Easter is a wonderful holiday and is well known for tulips, candy and Easter eggs. A great holiday gift is often made with a basket and specially colored Easter Eggs. When given to children it usually includes a small toy or game.

It is believed that the practice of giving holiday presents began with the beginning of designated holidays. Giving a gift to another, to show affection or appreciation, is an appropriate way to express one's feelings. It's a way of making the recipient feel special and feel that someone cares about them. - 39969

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