Thursday, October 14, 2010

Buying Your Kids The Perfect Gift For The Holidays On A Budget

by Joann Morris

When you're a single mom or a mom that is living very limited, the Holidays can be a nightmare. Especially when you want to get your kids all they wish for and you can't. There are still ways to get them the perfect gift for the Holidays when you're on a budget. Shop smart, find sales and keep these great educational gifts in mind! When children are learning and don't know it, they have a great time and we reap the benefits of them learning what they'll use in the future!

With all of the educational games for video game consoles, it's no wonder why the Wii console is very popular. Since it is quite a few years old now, it's actually at a great price and the bundles are affordable as well! Retail stores compete to price the Wii console at an affordable price and this is where shopping around can benefit you! Wii also gives your child a reason to get active and can also get the entire family active and involved. Great for family time and great educational value.

If your child loves to take pictures and is interested in photography, why not broaden their horizons and get them something that they can use! There are many kid-safe digital cameras out there such as those from Kiddizoom, Fisher Price and V-Tech. They have a rubberized body that can protect the camera when the kids drop or knock it over and the photo quality isn't too bad! It's good to feed their creativity and encourage them to do what the love. It can help a lot in the future!

Nature gifts are also big this year and popular among children. You have the Ladybug Land, Butterfly Garden and Ant Hill. These will give your children the chance to experience nature in your own home! Butterfly Garden actually comes with caterpillars that turn into butterflies right before your child's eyes and Ladybug Land comes with small larvae that your child can watch transform into beautiful adult lady bugs. Kids love to experience nature and love watching these natural growths occur, so why not give them the gift of discovery for Christmas!

MobiGo, Leapster, Lap Pad and Vtech Reader are very great gifts. (As are the other portable children's gaming systems) They range from $50 up and the games can be found on great buy one get one sales during the Holidays. They have large amounts of educational value and when they see their favorite characters in the game, they forget they're even learning! MobiGo is a brand new system that is very popular this Holiday season! Give your child the gift of fun and learning!

If you keep your budget in mind as well as keeping fun in mind, you can always find the perfect gift for the Holidays. It isn't about the amount of toys they get, but the fun they'll have with what you purchase them. Children don't have to know they're learning something to reap the benefits of the toy and they can have fun at the same time. That's the most important thing! Smart shopping will take you a long way during the Holidays! - 39969

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If you are a single dad, choosing just the right gift for your child can be a concern. A single father can get a whole list of ideas by using the guides on the Internet.

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