Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Decorating Your Home For Christmas

by John Bahley

How many different decorations do you use when you start decorating your home for Christmas. What about the moose mugs from Christmas Vacation that have been collecting dust in your cabinet for the last twenty years. Lots of different things cross your mind I am sure, but there are a couple of items that come to mind and that my family uses each holiday season. There are also a couple of things to stay away from, like a 50 foot tall reindeer in your front yard. But hey, if a giant snow globe in your front yard makes you happy, then have a great time with it.

Firstly, what are the traditional type of holiday decorations that we use during this special time of year. One of the first things that come to mind is flashing and multicolored lighting. You probably have several dozen strings of the old style lighting boxed up and stored for next year, but what about LED string lighting.

When they first came out just a few years ago, they were very expensive, but now they have gotten to be much more affordable so most all families can afford to throw away their dangerous old style lights and buy some new LED lights this holiday season.

Another colorful and festive holiday decoration is the poinsettia. I love to get these every year from fund raisers around the holidays. They are just amazing and absolutely beautiful holiday decorations.

I prefer the red ones over the white ones. But the white poinsettias make a very beautiful addition to your home this year. Consider giving them some air and keep them on the front porch if it does not get very cold during the winter where you live.

Each year I place wreaths on my front door and windows on the front of my house. A Christmas wreath adds a touch of the holidays that can only come from a red bow and pine or holly clippings. I hope you enjoy decorating for Christmas as much as I do, and I hope that you have a Merry Christmas. - 39969

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Are you going to chooseglass moose mugs instead of the plasti variety.

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