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3 Tricks To Prove Santa Exists Without The Guilt

"Father Christmas" is often Ellie Evergreen

For a lot of parents, Santa is a tricky subject. On the one hand, we know that we need to tell them at some point, that they will eventually find out, and some parents even feel some guilt as the years go by without telling the truth. On the other hand, we want our children to believe in Santa Clause for as long as possible. We want to feel like our children will always be innocent, and we don't want to be the ones to burst their bubble and let them know the truth. It's up to each parent to decide for themselves when to tell their child everything, but until then here are some tips to help convince your children that Santa exists.

Santa Clause letters are a great way to convince your children that he exists. You can send letters from Santa Clause for a number of years without arousing suspicion. You don't need to wait for your children to be able to read before sending them, as you can read them aloud to your children from a young age. As long as they can sit still long enough, and understand enough English, to enjoy a book being read to them, then the should hearing a letter as well.

As they grow older, they will delight in reading these letters themselves. Kids can be pretty perceptive though, so you shouldn't write the letters yourself in case you child recognizes your hand writing. While you can have a family friend write the letters, it's an even better idea to order some professional created letters. Professionals know how to best make letters that both convince and thrill children.

You can also have your child send their own letters to Santa. Have them make up a list of what they want, and have them write out why they've been good all year and what they've done to deserve to be on the nice list. There are a number of ways you can go about actually mailing the letters, depending on how far you want to take it. For instance, you can just have your children write and seal the letters, then you can take them and hide them somewhere and tell you children that you sent them. Or you can bring your children with you to the mail box and have them send the letter themselves. If you go that route, make sure that you write a real address on the letter. While you can just send it to a friend, you can also send it to one of the many services that accept letters to Santa from children.

Finally, there are the tried and true tricks, like leaving food out the night before. If you're really traditional, you might leave out mince pies and cordials. If you're more modern, you can leave out a glass of milk with some cookies. Once your children go to bed, make sure you eat the food, leaving plenty of crumbs as evidence that the food was hastily eaten. While you're at it, consider incorporating some other effects into Christmas eve, such as getting some reindeer bells you can ring a couple times throughout the night. Just make sure your kids don't see you eating the food or ringing the bells! While every parent should choose when to tell the truth to their kids, it should be a choice, and not come from sloppy planning. - 39969

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