Thursday, October 14, 2010

Air Hogs Make A Nice Christmas Gift

by Ned Dagostino

Look at any holiday list of top toys and possibilities are you'll notice Air Hogs on that list. After all, who hasn't thought of soaring through the air at some time in their lives? Air Hogs are a great gift because they permit your kid to live out that fantasy. Kids like them because they're so much fun. Mothers and fathers also love them. Not just because they are fun, but because they need no assembly.

The radio controlled, feather-light and air-powered flying Air Hogs have models for beginners to more advanced users. New models of this prize winning product line are released often. Some data on the more well-liked models follows.

For big fun in a tiny package, the Air Hogs Havic Heli delivers just that in one of the world's smallest radio-controlled helicopters. That small size offers this helicopter unmatched maneuverability. It's the perfect gift for younger kids (ages eight+) and is even OK to use in the home.

Intermediate users (for those over ten) will enjoy the cutting-edge flying style of the Air Hogs Switchblade. It soars vertically, flying like a helicopter. Then, with a push of the Morph knob on the remote unit, it changes into a stunt flying plane! The company has built a great reputation by coming up with innovations just like this one.

For the definitive all-terrain machine you have to look at the Storm Launcher. This neat toy will work in the air, on the ground, or even in water. Of couse you'll need to use this one outside only. And it's counseled for kids over the age of 10. This baby will really move. When compared to scale, the company estimates it reaches speeds of over two hundred MPH.

But don't limit yourself to just these 3. The company has made dozens of models over the years, a number of which are now not in production. As soon as you take your initial flight you will understand why Air Hogs are amongst the most well liked Christmas gifts each year. - 39969

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