Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mobile Marketing For Christmas

by Andrew Campbell

How Mobile Marketing Can Boost Success This Christmas

Trying to get your share of the Christmas retail rush? As the holiday season begins, it's time to think about ads, revenue, and Christmasspecials. Implementing a mobile marketing campaign may make the difference between sink or swim in this crucial period.

Innovative Technology and Increased Revenue

As competition increases, innovation becomes more important than ever as a way of distinguishing yourself from the rest. Many key companies this season will look to mobile marketing as an innovative technology which drives sales. This has been done already Brisbane's Clinic Aesthetic, a day clinic for in laser treatments, injectables and hair removal.

Through their SMS-response campaign with mobile marketing experts TXT2GET, Clinic Aesthetic received nearly 100 leads, including many customers who made long-term bookings and several return visits from past clients. Clinic Aesthetic's Carolyn Ingram explains the innovation of mobile marketing:

"The direct link we achieved with those listening to our ad will help more cleverly process and script the next campaign of ads we do.

Digital Media, Social Media and Maximum Ad Response

Another strength of mobile marketing is its function as a link between traditional advertising and social and digital media; a feature which maximises ad response. Customers are more likely to become company loyal when they are linked to an online presence, as the brand enters the realm of the personal. Australian energy-saving company Low Energy Supplies and Services (LESS) have experienced success with this.

Their traditional print and broadcast campaign was improved by mobile marketing experts TXT2GET, who added an SMS keyword to the ads. LESS's website was also featured in the ads, and the web traffic was increased by requiring customers to log into the website to complete their entry into the draw for a home solar power system. Over 450 texts were received, resulting in 246 online quotes. LESS's Lucy Allinson talks about on the benefit of linking traditional ads to digital and social media:

More than 95% of responses were from texters. Less people went directly to the site."

Christmas Specials Made More Effective

Are Christmas specials crippling or successful? There's little doubt that they are necessary, but their impact on revenue is dependent on delivery. One way of ensuring Christmas specials are effective (and one which also builds an invaluable database of customers) is the use of mobile coupons. This technology was successful for Hairfree Plus Pty Ltd, Australia's largest laser hair removal specialist.

Hairfree utilised mobile marketing in their print and radio broadcast campaign, facilitated by mobile marketing experts TXT2GET. Their special offer was distributed as a mobile coupon to the 640 customers who responded via SMS to the campaign. Unlike a paper voucher, the mobile coupon is perenially on hand for the customer, meaning higher rates of return. Additionally, a database of customers who are responsive to mobile marketing is created with minimal effort, making the benefits last well into the future.

So What's On Your Wish List?

On both small scales and large, the benefits of mobile marketing and text response are numerous. To increase customers, retailers need innovative technology; links to digital and social media; and customer databases. Mobile marketing can provide all of this. - 39969

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