Friday, October 22, 2010

Christmas Ornaments: What Are Actually Their Meanings?

by Jc Bradley

Christmas ornaments play a very big role during Christmas celebrations. They are things that help to bring out the jolliness of the season. These things are very nice to the sight but have you ever considered the meanings and origins of these things?

Christmas is a Christian tradition that involves the birth of Jesus Christ and from this, there were .many things that have sprung. One, of them is the use of the Christmas ornaments that are used to decorate the homes during Christmas. But do these ornaments have really something to do with Christmas? Are their shapes and colors are win connection to Jesus' birth?

It was in the 1800s when the use of the Christmas tree and its corresponding ornaments has grown extremely popular. Back then, the main types of ornaments are in the form of fruits, most specifically apples and grapes. Because of the colors of both fruit (red and green) and their round form, they were the most sought after decoration. Red and green, for some reason, are the symbolism for fun and happiness. And the roundness of the fruits made them easy to place as adornments.

From such tradition came the Christmas bauble or Christmas ball, carrying the same color schemes and the very same spherical look. They originated in Germany, as the Germans found this a form to innovate the long-time tradition of hanging fruits. But Christmas ball are not the only forms of Christmas ornaments that we got to know after that.

There was also this Father Christmas or popularly known as Santa Claus. This came from the United Kingdom and because of his popularity, there were lots of adornment that halve been associated with him.

Over time, these Christmas ornaments have continued to evolve. For one, they have been made through so many processes. In the present, we can even see the various forms of materials used to make them like wood, glass, metal and even ceramics. And then there is also the expansion of the varieties. There have been candy canes, ribbons, bells, socks, etc.

We can safely say that the traditions attached to Christmas have no particular connection to the birth of Jesus Christ. However, if you think about the original reason behind these traditions, you can see how they are still very important in our lives.

Christmas trees and other ornaments have become a part of our Christmas celebration up to the present times. Whatever the meanings and origins of these, ornaments, well, what is more important is the way we celebrate Christmas and how we feel its spirit. And what matters most is the love that springs out from our hearts which gives the true meaning of Christmas. - 39969

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