Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 10 Unusual Gifts For This Christmas

by Katie Clayton

If you want to make this Christmas extra special by surprising and exciting your loved ones, these top 10 unusual gifts are sure to make great entertainment for all the family, without breaking the budget.

A treat for the whole family on Christmas eve is a nostalgic sweet hamper, containing a massive selection of retro sweets like Sherbet Dibdabs, flying saucers, Love Hearts and Blackjacks. For the more adventurous, a bush tucker trial of Chocolate covered giant ants is a great idea. They are considered a rare delicacy where they are collected in Columbia as they are nutritious as well as tasty.

If eating insects perhaps isn't their style, adopt them a wild animal. Not only will this provide enjoyment with goodies such as a cuddly toy and information packs, your loved one will be given the satisfaction that they are helping to conserve the species and their natural habitat for the 12 month sponsorship period. The real thing could also put in an appearance at your house, with giant inflatable animals on offer such as sharks and dinosaurs, which will scare your guests to death this Christmas day.

Topping the unusual scale this year is "Rhino poo in a box". It may not be what your present receiver has always dreamt of, but the nutrient rich dung provides the perfect conditions for growing seeds. The Natural History Museum offers a grow-your-own Banana tree using the dung.

Naming a star after a loved one is a great way to show them how important they are to you. Each star gifted has its unique coordinates so you will be able to find it in the night sky. If you want something closer to home, capture the power of the sun with Sunshine in a jar. All ages will be able to enjoy the environmentally sustainable concept, which collects energy using a solar panel during the day, and then emits it at night through 3 LED bulbs.

Attention seekers will be made up with personalised gifts, such as Newspaper spoofs and calendars. The calendars can feature a particular name in various locations such as clouds in the sky, on a sandy beach, or in a snowy landscape. Newspaper gifts will feature the name in headlines, with stories varying from lottery wins and competition winners.

A brilliant and unbeatable present is Zorbing, the thrilling new experience offered across the UK, in which that lucky person will be propelled down a hill in a huge PVC ball at terrifying speeds. They'll really thank you for that one! - 39969

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