Monday, October 11, 2010

Buy Men Xmas Presents That Are Fun, Not Just Practical

The Micro-USB interface is the new standard Mary Jo Braun

Men make it difficult for family and friends to buy gifts for them. They often insist they do not need anything, though they would like a Porsche. Since this is impractical, buy men Xmas presents which are still appealing but they did not know they wanted. Once opened, this same guy may wonder what he ever did without his new thingamajig.

Rockets make great gifts. Though some are marketed for children, dads and grown men love them too, like stomp rockets or ones you make from a plastic bottle filled with water. Pump air into the bottle then watch it soar a hundred or more feet into the air. A more high-tech version is the USB rocket, one which dad can launch while holding a dull meeting via web cam.

You may have heard of a wine of the month club. A beer lover can enjoy something similar. Sign dad up for a micro brew of the month and watch him taste test and compare wit some care and intelligence. Give him the means by which to always have cool drinks on hand for his friends with an under the cupboard compact wine cooler or an electric table-top version. He could also dispense beer from a one-can plug-in cooler, though only if he and a friend plan to share.

A USB cooler might be even more, well, cool. It will keep his bottle of soda cool while he waits for lunch hour to arrive, or even warm a ginger beer on a cold day. Flash and thumb drives are no longer those boring devices, plain and functional. Give your dad or son one shaped like a Star Wars character or a light saber. Then, when he wants to protect his documents more fully, add the fingerprint reader to your Christmas parcel.

For the busy office life, purchase your boss a time and hand saver. Give him the pen which also records audio and writing. It boasts many hours of memory to save missing any important details of a meeting or seminar. A portable scanner wand offers another handy way of collecting data while on the go without queuing up at the photo copier or office scanner.

For the man who spends his working life attached to a lap top, make this a pleasant place to be. Give him a new lap to skin. Designs include fine art prints and contemporary images he may relate to better.

Mugs may seem like the prosaic gift given by the friend who has no idea what else to give, but think again. You will have heard of dry erase boards: here is a dry erase mug. Designed like a post card, give a guy the means of leaving notes for mom, his room mate, or wife at the kitchen table after coffee. This is especially handy when two people living in the same space hardly ever see each other. Son can tell mom he loves her or ask a friend pick up something for supper. - 39969

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