Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finding The Best Xmas Gifts For Women Is Not As Hard As You Think

The Park House Club in Cardiff, wrapped as a giftby Mary Jo Braun

Before you know it the holiday music is going to be blaring at the stores. Then the panic sets in as we try to figure out what are the best Xmas gifts for women that are in our lives. What do we get this year? And how can we find something that they really desire?

It would seem easy to purchase gifts for women since the stores are clearly centered around them. Yet, shopping for someone you care about means you want to find something they will remember and love. Then you begin to think about it constantly and all efforts to go into the store produce sweats and nausea. So how do you find what she would like?

The way to really know what you should get the women in your life is to listen and watch. Women have learned that to get something they really want they have to lay the hints. They have gotten really good at being unobvious about showing you exactly what it is they want. If you are out and she picks something out and says, I love this. That is your clue that she would enjoy receiving it for a gift.

Do not look this gift choice in the mouth. Make sure to write it down somewhere and fast. You do not want to try to remember what it was and which store or you will find yourself in the wrong store buying the wrong item. This is truth; do not leave any gift giving to chance. If she has told you she wants it then mark it with a big red "x" in your life so you know how to find it again.

Observation is the most important aspect of buying gifts for women. Why? Because you can see her style and taste in everything she wears or buys for the house. If there are lot of flowers and frills in the house or her wardrobe then she is more romantic. If her space is modern furniture with minimal knick knacks and her dress looks the same, then classic and clean lines are her statement.

Remember that women love to get gifts but to them the emotions behind the gift are even more significant. We want to be listened to, paid attention to, and remembered so that when you go out and make the effort to find us what we want you know you really care about us.

Now is the time, pay attention. Listen up. And see what is going on around you in the world of your woman. Watch what she reads and especially any pages she has dog eared. Listen if she wishes she could go to Napa for the day wine tasting, gifts do not have to always be things. They can be time shared together, because lets face it that is really the gift she would never return. - 39969

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