Saturday, October 30, 2010

Popular Merry Christmas Songs

by Carissa Odom

The Christmas season is a jolly season when people usually feel carefree and happy. In spite of these assumptions, many people are not as positively affected by the season itself. There is one thins that may change the opinions of people, this are the merry Christmas songs that one usually hears in the air during the season.

There are many merry Christmas songs that can uplift the spirit of a weary person. On the other hand, there are also Christmas songs that makes one feel the poignancy of the season. A merry Christmas song can actually induce a person to sing it out loud or join the carolers. Some songs also speak of a merry Christmas Santa that gives gifts and eats the cookies and milk left by the children.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas And Others

This is one merry Christmas song that is such fun to sing and does not require much of a singing voice. The tempo of We Wish You a Merry Christmas is fun and jolly which make sit a very lively song for the season. This merry Christmas song speaks of the carolers or singers wishing the people they are singing to a merry Christmas and the tidings they bring for the season. Many carolers sing this merryChristmas song right after a slew of other carols. This is usually the end song while for others it is the beginning song.

Jingle Bells is another merry Christmas song that is sure to enliven the season. This song is about the sound that the sleigh bells make when people or children ride on it. Sleigh bells are traditionally placed on sleighs to make people aware that they are coming. This rather lively song has had several variations including Jingle Bell Rock which is a more upbeat and modern than the original version. Jingle Bells is a merry Christmas song that is short and easy to sing as well as remember.

Deck The Halls is another merry Christmas song that speaks of decorating the home or halls with yuletide decorations. It is sort of a preparation for the season both for the home and the people. The Fa-la-la-la-la is definitely one of the reasons why this is a particularly lively and merry song. This very merry Christmas song is upbeat and is often sang by carolers.

Finding a merry Christmas song is not difficult. In fact, the difficulty may lie in choosing which of the songs are the merriest and liveliest. - 39969

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