Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Do You Need For A Christmas Party

by John Bahley

Do you think you're likely to have fun at your Christmas festival this year? You'll want to have some wally world moose mugs if it is actually gonna be a success. But if your celebration is going to be one for the record books, there are a few essentials which are required to ensure that your visitors are entertained suitably. You'll want to have a a small number of things to eat, but that should only get you going.

Now here is the next question that you need to answer. Do you want your guests to graze on light foods, or do want them to be able to have a traditional experience with a family style meal? If you plan to have your guests over for a meal like this, the best choice would be to have a Christmas ham with some of your favorite traditional trimmings. And don't forget to have enough for everybody.

For most of us, serving a meal at a Christmas party is just too much to ask of ourselves. Having finger foods is just easy to do. And most guests prefer this type of food also. Probably the simplest thing that you can have is mints and some snack mix without nuts. Some people may have a nut allergy and you won't know it.

Have you ever thought to have a cheese ball? Homemade cheese balls can be complicated to make, but here is an easy way to have one without too much trouble.

Okay, here is a poor man's cheese ball recipe that I have been using for years. Get a cream cheese block and cover it with some store bought pepper jelly. Make sure that your cream cheese does not come straight out of the fridge. It just won't work it the cheese is too cold.

Here is an idea that is somewhere in between having a sit-down meal and finger foods. Have you ever heard of pigs in a blanket? All they are is mini smoked sausages that are wrapped in croissants. It couldn't be any simpler than that. - 39969

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Do you like to drink from Christmas vacation moose mugs like the Griswolds. Eddie would be proud.

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