Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Christmas Gift Of High End Dog Fashion Is A Great Compliment To Any Fashionista

by Laura Dickensen

Special occasions are fun for the whole family and when it comes to Fido or Fifi, they don't have to be left out in the cold. High-fashion dog clothes are popping up everywhere. You can dress them to your hearts content, adding to the festivities and including your dog in the celebration. For very special times such as the holidays or a wedding, go all out with the newest styles that designers have come up with. You dog can now be dressed for the occasion just as you are. Imagine the looks of family and friends when your pet enters the room wearing one of the newest creations.

Doggie Bridal Gowns Make Wonderful Nuptial Attire

When your little girl gets asked to tie the knot, let her be the beautiful bride that she has always dreamed about being. No matter if her dress will be ivory or white, she will be stunning in a lovely wedding gown that even a human bride would envy. Lacey inserts amidst satin underlays, flounces that positively shimmer as she walks down the aisle, these are all features you can find in a wedding gown for your princess. Head attire is just as spectacular with veils and trains that flow behind.

Bridesmaids and best men are also included in this spectacular promenade, with the maids being decked out in pastel satins or jewel like velvets. Crowns and tiaras complete the set and you can even have a matching leash made for that little one who gets too excited to stay in line.

Celebrate The Holidays With Your Dog Dressed To Sparkle

When the holidays roll around, your dogs can all dress for the occasion . Red and green velvets take center stage here, made into dresses so festive you will wish holidays came around every day. And if you lean towards the classic look of red and green plaids with black velvet cinched waists, there is a dress for that taste, also. Santa hats and starry tiaras make fashion statements like no other as the festivities go on and on with your little darling stealing the show. Metallic embroidery adorns skirts in gold and silver, and for the final touch, bejewelled collars that twinkle like the tree.

Details Make The Outfit Special

When choosing an outfit, especially for a great celebration, pay attention to how much detail is put into it. Is the top stitching even and attractive? Are the buttons and fastenings of good quality? These are all things that will make the apparel fashionable as opposed to mass produced.

There are many designers in the business today who are ready to serve you. Take a look at some of their web pages and find one whose work you admire. Contact them with ideas you may have, or order some basic outfits to see what they offer as far as quality.

Whatever your taste, and whatever the occasion, high-fashion dog clothes are there for your pet. After all, your dog is a very important part of your family. Her clothes should be every bit as special as she is. Celebrate the love you have for your dog with fashionable clothing that will have her included in every facet of your life. - 39969

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