Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Celebrating Christmas On The Beaches Of Sydney

by Kylee Smith

If you have decided to spend the holiday in Sydney, then you'll want to pack a lot of good things, but be sure to leave your sled at home because Christmas in Sydney is in the summer so you will want to pack your swimsuit and tanning lotion, but nothing that is required to keep you warm. You'll probably spend your vacation on the beach, basking in the hot summer sun, but you will not miss celebrating the holiday you will just find that you will celebrating in a different way then perhaps what you are used to experiencing during the holidays.

Of course just because there won't be any snow doesn't mean that there won't be any holiday festivities as a matter of fact you will find that there are plenty of Santas and holiday lights strung around town. The Sydney Town Hall is a beautiful example of some of the lights that you will find on buildings throughout Sydney during the holidays and of course the giant tree in Martin Place is another one of the spectacular symbols of Christmas in Sydney .

The colors of the holiday season can not be experienced only through the show a lot of lights, but with the beautiful colors of the plants. With the red flowers of the Christmas tree being set off by green leafy vegetables, the plants in Sydney celebrates the wonderful holiday season. These beautiful flowers help to add to the festivities in the city during the holidays.

Sydney's streets are filled with many street performers and many of whom tell Santa your holiday wishes too, and in this shopping Mecca you will probably find gifts for everyone on your shopping list. Unique face painting and other adventures await you in the streets of Sydney holiday. You'll love all the entertainment at the roadside to help make your shopping more festive. And if you feel you really need the snow to ring in the holiday season so be sure to stop by the Queen Victoria Building to catch a glimpse of snow princesses dominating.

Sydney is a city that decorates well for the holiday season and one that offers many incredible looking stars, window displays, andChristmas banners to help get you in the spirit. Even without the snow and cold weather you surely will be in the mood to celebrate this incredible holiday in one of the most festive and beautiful cities in the entire world. - 39969

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