Thursday, November 25, 2010

Different Kinds of Holiday Lights in Preparation for the Holiday Season

by Betty Weber

Holiday lights are the first thing you think of when the holiday season draws near. These lights are mostly found both outdoors and inside the house as well. Home decoration has become a tradition in every household and the installation of holiday lights are automatically a part of it. With this comes the dcor planning, organizing, and the most exciting part, putting everything together.

Everyone never fails to smile whenever they see holiday lights. Homeowners are happy installing holiday lights around their property and passers by always stop to appreciate the lighting dcor. When you see holiday lights already installed everywhere, that only means that the holiday season is fast approaching. When installing these, however, make sure that they are display and attached properly.

You do not want to ruin the holidays because of some accident involving holiday lights. That is why you should be cautious when installing them at home. Read the package insert thoroughly and mount them properly. Make sure that the area where they will be placed provides the right fit. They should neither be too long nor to short.

There are some lights that cannot be installed outdoors so make sure you know which lights you are purchasing and for what purpose. One of the reasons for this is because there are certain lights that can withstand rough weather conditions especially rain and snow. Be safe during the holidays so always be careful.

If you are the person who insists on having holiday lights, try opting for the LED version. One of the advantages of LED lights is that the can withstand all kinds of weather and are long lasting and durable as well. Should they be damaged by accidentally falling down, there is little chance that they will not function. LED holiday lights are environmentally friendly as well. When compared to other lights, they are reasonably priced. With all the different shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from, LED lights present something different to look at.

Another interesting holiday light are icicle lights. These are lights that look like little stars surrounded by snow. Icicle lights have lots of contrasting colors to choose from. When they are mixed, they present a rainbow of colors that is aesthetically unique. The icicle lights that are circular shaped are popular to use in tree branches and shrubs.

While we know that holiday lights are a must for each holiday season, part of their installation is that they are attached and mounted properly. It is advisable that you do not use a staple gun in mounting the length of the wire like most people do. The reason for this is because the staple wires might tear open the protective covering of the lights. When this happens, it might cause an electric shock, which might result to a fire.

Do not use a staple gun when mounting holiday lights. Use this only for installing lights that are zip tie or twist tie. In either case, remember to always read the safety instructions that will come with the package.

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