Sunday, November 28, 2010

Selecting Christmas Presents For Dad

by Ken Johnson

Finding Christmas presents for Dad may be the most difficult challenge you face at holiday time. If he's like many fathers, he shrugs off requests for a wish list or just offers an all-encompassing "whatever" in response. The key to finding a great present for him is to think about what he enjoys and likes and then selecting an imaginative gift that suits his tastes.

For "chocoholic" fathers, gourmet candy is a possibility. Many companies produce specialty, high quality chocolates. Some, such as chocolate covered raspberries or strawberries, are less common. There are also candy companies who can make a custom design, such as a golf club or his name, out of chocolate.

Some dads enjoy yard work, but others hate it. A lawn care service can handle basic chores, such as edging and mowing, or seasonal ones like fertilizing. You could give him a gift certificate for whatever services you would like and can afford. In the spring, he will think of you each weekend he is free to relax rather than work in his yard.

Perhaps your dad has a hobby, such as wood carving, building models, or leather crafts. Consider a gift certificate to his favorite hobby shop for his supplies. Many hobbies also require specialized tools, and there may be some he has not purchased because of their cost. If so, you could buy them yourself and provide him with something special he would have been unlike to purchase himself.

Back pain sufferers might appreciate a chair or pillow designed to help relieve the soreness or stiffness. There are those that vibrate, others that produce heat, and some that offer both. Some styles are shaped for the lower back and still others to fit the neck. There are also full-body styles that fit the whole back.

If he has a favorite sports icon or old-time actress, you could try to locate memorabilia related to that person. It is often possible to find autographed pictures or jerseys online. Other types of collectibles to consider are those from the moon missions, antique swords, and nautical items.

You could also plan an all-day or weekend trip for the two of you. Take him to an out of town game or visit a museum. There are numerous state halls of fame for sports, or he might enjoy a natural history museum featuring dinosaur fossils. Former servicemen might like a trip to one of the many military museums that are scattered across the nation. Spending some time alone with you could turn out to be his favoriteChristmas present of all.

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