Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top Christmas Gifts For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

by Candy Seasons

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for women, men seem to have a problem. But, of course, women feel they are much easier to buy for than men. Perhaps men need a little help. Here I suggest some Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend.

Perhaps I should start with the dont's in choosing a gift for your girlfriend or wife. Kitchen equipment is a definite no-no unless specifically requested. What wife wants to be reminded of her time in the kitchen. The idea of an iron or pot as a Christmas gift is certain to ruin both of your Christmases.

Another popular choice by men is 'sexy' underwear. Just who are you choosing your Xmas gift for? It rarely fits and is something you don't want to show the kids or friends.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a Christmas gift you can show off and is one of the most popular Xmas gifts for wives and girlfriends. There are a few things you should consider when buying jewelry. Firstly, preference for materials such as gold or silver. Secondly, the style of an item of jewelry. And thirdly, jewelry can carry a very important message to the recipient. So decide what message you want to send to your wife or girl friend.

If you have no intention of proposing marriage, then avoid gifting a ring that looks like an engagement ring to your girlfriend. Jewelry is often intensely personal. If you're in doubt about whether your lady will like your choice, make sure the store has an exchange policy which will allow her to swap it for a piece she likes better. Some stores won't replace returned ear-rings, for instance.

While you can't buy her one of the Top ten Christmas toys, pamper days have gained ever-increasing popularity. A day or weekend relaxing and being pampered at a spa or having a treatment for nails, hair or a massage gives your wife or girlfriend something to look forward to after the stresses and strains of Christmas. There are now many spa retreats around that can offer a truly blissful experience. - 39969

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