Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday and Christmas Decorating Trends 2010

by Dana Michelle Burnett

The Christmas time of year is approaching quickly and decorating for Christmas is just around the corner. The question is what will be the holiday decorating trends for the 2010 season?

Sparkle and Sophisticated style: We're all tired of the overall economy and worrying about the mortgage crisis. This season, the trend is forChristmas decorations to be over the top. Seek out decorations in rich bronze tones, rich wine hues, shinning ruby tones, brilliant turquoise shades, as well as traditional gold and silver. These hues will be in holiday ornaments, garlands, and holiday tableware. Combine glittering finishes with shinning pearls for the most impact.

New Colors: In 2010, seasonal decorating moves away from using only the expected green and red. Think of decorations making use of the common color combinations from 2010 such as brown and blue, brown and pink, silver and turquoise, and animal prints with classic black. Make use of these as accents in your garlands, holiday wreaths, and Christmas ornaments for the tree. This is quickly turning into one of the most popular Christmas decorating trends for 2010.

Lighten up: A traditional Christmas light display is common at Christmas, but this season takes it a step further with energy saving LED lights. These are brilliant in outdoor displays and need fewer strings to light a tree. A Christmas tree lit from within the branches is a beautiful sight, add that with one of the ornament trends, and your tree will be in on the hottest styles.

Tradition Never Goes Out: If you have a tradition for decorating your Christmas tree such as heirloom or handmade ornaments, don't throw it out. The beauty of a family tradition is always in style. Keep true to the traditions, the only thing you need to add this year is new memories.

Now that you know the Christmas decorating trends 2010, why not get going on that Christmas decorating so that you can move on to the important things about the holiday such as friends and family.

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