Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scottish Celebrations

by Emma Jackson

The captivating and beautiful land of Scotland becomes even more attractive for visitors as holiday season is drawing near. As winter has arrived, people from all around the world are looking for a fun filled break to make the best out of their holidays. Scotland is not only a beautiful and naturally gifted land, but also the hospitality and warmth shown by the Scots are moving. A number of events and celebrations are coming up with the holiday season which are attended by the tourists from all around the world

The fall is formally greeted by the St Andrew's Day. The 30th of November is Scotland's national day and is famously called the St Andrew's day. People of Scotland rejoice and get together to celebrate the history, culture, food and its societal structure. Events are held all around the country with full enthusiasm.

The Enchanted Forest which is a sound and light show is another notable event. It is a thrilling scene when the Woods of Perthshire are visited in autumn. The sound and light tricks enhance the colors of autumn and the splendor of forest. Thousands of visitors are attracted to be part of this show every year. The Forest is filled with colors, interactive displays and lighting designs and offers a memorable experience to the visitors.

Shetland Food Festival is another highlight of the country for the food lovers. The festival is a week long celebration that includes the country's most favorite and delicious traditional dishes. There are all kinds of meat dishes as well as unusual specialties like seawater oatcakes. There are a series of food related events held throughout the week. The best Shetland's harvest and produce are showcased and special sea food is also exhibited. Famous chefs demonstrate their recipes. The week is a delight for taste buds.

The most notable upcoming event is the Christmas Night Light Dundee that transforms the city into a happening performance arena. The appearance of the region changes with street entertainment; music, concerts, dancing groups and processions with torch lights take over the city. Brilliant firework displays and beautifully decorated and illuminated buildings can be seen everywhere. The event is free for all and is a unique experience when dancers, singers and performers join the citizens to celebrate the Christmas night.

Another holiday attraction is the Edinburgh's Christmas which is a six week celebration. It is a festival which starts by the end of November and continues till the start of January. The celebration comprises of many events and activities like sports events, carols, musical shows and fun fairs. Scotland remains illuminated and enthralled by the ongoing events all through the year and hence offer the best vacations for tourists from all around the world.

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