Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tips For Giving Luxury Executive Gifts

by Carrie Sommer

Many people like offering gifts to their spouses, friends and family. The same case applies when it comes to the working environment one has to be more careful especially since the gifts have to be offered for a given reason or occasion. Apart from this, the person offering the executive gifts also needs to observe certain rules which can be termed as good etiquette.

The first step is to consider ones company gift policy which should be clear on how gifts should be offered to different recipients. Remember, the other companies also have their policies regarding gifts offered by other firms. To be on the safer side, it would be a nice step to call the recipient firm to confirm what they accept and what they do not.

The second important thing is to make sure that your choice gift will not seem like a bribe to the recipient. A good example is when one is offering certain gift types such as executive holiday gifts. Although these might seem harmless, to some recipients they might appear so big. Remember, very large gifts are often seen as bribes by many recipients.

Since these gifts do not exchange hands between companies only, it is good to consider individual recipients too. Good etiquette is also necessary in these cases too. A good illustration is when one wants to offer a gift to his or her employer. Bear in mind that such a person might not expect anything from you.

One should therefore keep to less expensive items like flowers, wine and baked goodies. Since you might want the gift to be practical, collectible fountain pens can also make good executive gifts for your boss.

When it comes to the employers, rewarding employees can be a bit tricky. Executive gifts for the employees should therefore be given to groups. A good example is a holiday lunch. When there is need to reward a specific employee, a card could serve the purpose. These steps should help you choose the best gift for any purpose. - 39969

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