Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top Toys For Christmas - The Trendy Gifts Your Kids Nag About

by Ledley Withenshaw

It seems that each Christmas season has a new set of top toys for Christmas. Adults spend hours searching retail stores looking for that special toy in time for the season. No one wants to disappoint a child, especially when it is Christmas. How can you find those top toys so that you can have them under your Christmas tree?

You will need to begin shopping early. The closer it gets to the holiday, the more likely that the toy you want will be sold out. Many times, by the time that Black Friday rolls around your local stores will be sold out of the most popular top toys for Christmas.

If you're shopping for a girl, you'll want to know that among the top toys for Christmas are dolls and related accessories. Barbie, notably the Holiday Barbie Doll, is a popular favorite, as is the Hannah Montana doll. Animation and interactivity is big this year with the Walk and Giggle doll, Zhu Zhu pet hamsters and FurReal pets. Pillow Pets are a simple toy but stores expect a rush on these cuddly critters. If your little girl favors ride on toys, you won't want to pass up the Barbie Jammin' Jeep to ride around in high style.

Boys score big this year with action figures. Bakugan and all the related accessories are ingenious toys that can provide hours of strategic fun. The Maxus Dragonoid set is the top pick for avid players. Don't forget the Transformers for fearsome warriors to fight off evil Decepticons. For the younger set, who can forget the Radio Flyer wagon? If your boy prefers video gaming, you'll be happy to know that both the Wii and PS3 have lower prices for some models of their enormously popular gaming consoles. If you missed out in previous years, now is the time to jump in on the action.

To ensure that you can grab the top toys for Christmas for your kids, check at the discount stores online shops. Many of the nationwide chain discount stores have their own websites that can be useful in finding the most popular toys. If they have the toy in stock, they will often ship to your local store with no shipping charges. The best for this is Amazon, they may have stocked up on the toys throughout the year in anticipation of a toy being the season's top seller.

If all else fails, check at online auction sites for top toys for Christmas. There are people that buy the top toys early and are willing to sell them at a profit. Be warned, that you may pay two to three times the amount for the toy as you would pay in a retail store. However, if you must have this toy for your child's Christmas to be complete, you may want to pay the extra price.

With younger children, do not start talking up a toy until you have it safely at home. They take their clues from parents, so do not set yourself up for failure. Older children are more resilient and can handle the disappointment if you are honest with them from the get go. Don't forget even if you can't find the top toys for Christmas, there's always a birthday around the corner. - 39969

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