Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Simple and Easy Ideas for Christmas Decorating

by Dana Michelle Burnett

It is the time for Christmas decorating, but will you be prepared? Do you really dislike the thought of the headache, the chaos, and the expense? Appreciate the season once again with a few great ideas for Christmas Decorating.

Your Christmas Tree: Are you currently sick of those uninteresting glass balls? For a change, look at decorating with Christmas candy canes and coordinating ribbon only. In place of a star, have you thought to use a group of peppermint canes at the top of the tree. If you're really creative, utilize sheer wrapping paper to cover Styrofoam balls so that they look like candy pieces and create a garland of goodies.

Christmas Fireplaces: Often a focal point of seasonal displays, decorating the fireplace can feel too much to handle. Keep it straightforward by hanging stockings on the mantel. Even though you never place anything at all inside of them, simply by hanging there they will add a sense of seasonal festivity. This is easily among the most classic ideas for Christmas decorating, but still just as successful as it was years ago.

Christmas Dining Room: To provide some twinkle to your dining room table, fill up a simple glass bowl with multi-colored glass ornaments. (If you adopted the tips above, you will have lots left over!) This adds a decorative seasonal touch without the predictable poinsettias. If you prefer not to use glass balls, have you thought to use tinsel and candy canes?

Holiday Windows: Give a joyous look to your windows by making large bows from Christmas themed ribbon and using them as tie backs to your draperies. This surprising splash of holiday color adds a new twist to decorating for the season.

Now that you have a few ideas for Christmas Decorating, why not get started and actually try enjoying it this year.

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