Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Importance Of A Christmas Present

by Ken Johnson

25th of December is celebrated around the world as Christmas, the date when Lord Jesus Christ was born. It is one of the biggest and holiest festivals and observed all over the world with a lot of pomp and joy. People take leave from their respective work and for one whole month they spend this wonderful time with their families, friends, children and other loved ones. During this time all enmity is forgotten and everyone comes together and becomes friends and celebrates this wonderful time together by making merry. The concept of a Christmaspresent goes hand in hand with this festival.

Every one celebrates this day by giving and receiving gifts to and from their loves ones. Children always prefer toys as Christmas presents and older people prefer something which is sober and can actually be close to their hearts by giving them happiness and joy.

The best present which any one can give to their parents or grandparents is something that can evoke nostalgia. This is one present which our parents or grandparents will always treasure forever in their life. Everyone loves memories especially the elders. So when any one puts up memories in front of them in the form of pictures or videos, they will like it. It brings about happy and cheerful memories.

The shopping for Christmas gifts usually start a month in advance. There is usually a lot of buying that has to be done and one has to buy each and every gift with a lot of thought and care. No one wants to gift out something during Christmas that is not appreciated by the recipient.

Like parents want to give their children the best gifts similarly others also want to present their close ones with the perfect Christmaspresent. They search many shops and buy the perfect present for their dear ones to make them smile on Christmas day.

Everyone tries to find the best gift for their loves ones. During this period all the shops are usually packed with people, especially the shops which introduce new lines of items that can be given as gifts. People are always on the lookout for unique items that can be given as gifts.

Nowadays people can also buy gifts over the internet and send it to any part of the world. This form of gifting also includes an element of surprise. A Christmas present is one way of showing how we care for our near and dear ones without saying anything but giving them a gift which makes them happy.

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  1. Actually, I am a Grandmother. I love frivolous things and really don't care so much about the past. In fact, like you, the Christmas list for a Senior Citizen was on my mind today so I created a list of 10 gifts for "Grandma/Grandpa". I would like if you could give me more ideas.