Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Different Christmas Treat - Gluten Free Christmas Cake

by Anna Viking

Christmas Cakes is one of the treats many people look forward to every Christmas season but there are times when we are not able to enjoy this sweet side to Christmas due to health reasons. This does not mean that we cannot enjoy Christmas Cakes. This only means that we will be changing certain things how we choose or prepare them just like choosing to eat a similarly tasty Gluten Free ChristmasCake.

The main reason why many people cannot eat Christmas cake is because of the Substance Gluten which is usually found in wheat products. Gluten is a substance that could trigger wheat related allergies and other diseases that are sensitive to Gluten. Gluten FreeChristmas Cake are recommended to them by doctors to avoid any complications or discomfort because of their intake of food.

Barley, wheat and rye are some products that are rich in Gluten. These products cannot be eaten by those sensitive to it even though it may cause inconvenience. Gluten can be found in many products but is usually made for baking food where it is used to make the cake's dough rise, helps to keep the form of the cake and give the cake the chewy texture characteristic of Christmas Cakes. However, Gluten Free Christmas Cake can still be made by using other ingredients that produces similar effects.

Gluten Free Christmas Cake is typically made by substituting wheat products with other products that can give them similar effects. Cassava, corn, rice potatoes and tapioca and others can be used as substitutes for Gluten filled wheat products.

Health reasons are the usual reason why people choose to eat Gluten Free Christmas Cake. Since their bodies are unable to properly utilize Gluten or protect themselves against it, it usually causes or triggers Dermatitis herpetiformis, Celiac Disease and Wheat allergies.

A study has also shown that there are other benefits to eating Gluten Free Christmas Cake. There is an apparent link between autism and the Substance Gluten which means that Gluten free diet can diminish the chances of contracting autism. However, this study is still being verified to determine if there is truth to their claims.

Sensitive individuals to gluten must be careful because there is evidence that suggests that their sensitivity to gluten is hereditary. This means that there is a very high possibility that their children might also have the same special needs where they need to resort to Gluten Free Christmas Cake treats during the holiday season.

The feelings and and joy of Christmas are not focused solely on the treats. You may eat gluten filled treats or Gluten Free Christmas Cake as long as the meaning and reason for the holidays is kept alive, the Christmas season will continue to be among the year's best holidays. - 39969

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