Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

by Corey Talbot

Families around the world will soon begin celebrating the Christmas season. There will be parties, plays, nativity scenes, parades and much more to enjoy. All of these activities lead up to the second day of the year when eating until you pass out is perfectly acceptable (Thanksgiving is the first!)

Though the traditional fair on your holiday table may include ham or turkey some families will enjoy cabbage and meat from Poland, smoked Salmon from France or 24 traditional dishes if you prefer Lithuanian. Before sitting down for a great meal there are bound to be a few fun activities for your family and friends and if you really want to get in the Christmas spirit choose Christmas fancy dress costumesfrom Angels Fancy Dress.

Parties Around the world, there will be parties of all sort marking the Christmas season. Many times office parties are looked forward to and planned for all year long. If your office party includes the option to dress for the season there are several Christmas fancy dress costumes you could choose from. Angels Fancy Dress offers many traditional costumes including, Mrs. Clause, elves, reindeer and Santa Claus costume options.

Parades Most people cannot remember a Thanksgiving without the beautiful floats in the Macy's Christmas Parade. This even began in 1924 with the immigrant employees of Macys. It was their desire to celebrate the annual US holiday, Thanksgiving, by sharing the festivities of their native Europe. What began with a few store associates has grown to a national tradition all its own, and many cities and towns also kick off the season with homegrown Christmas parades. You will find all kinds of ideas for Christmas floats from traditional Santa, Elves and Reindeer to gingerbread houses or fairy princesses. If you are thinking about participating this year in your areas annual Christmas Parade you may need a Christmas fancy dress costumes. Angels Fancy Dress can provide you with angels, elves, gingerbread men and even snowman (or woman) costumes.

Saint Nick and Kids In many areas, family and friends enjoy setting up Christmas parties for the kids, which may include brightly decorated cookies, candy canes, games and pictures with Santa. These festivities give Dad the opportunity to pull out the Santa costume and listen to all the hopes and dreams of the little boys and girls.

Nativity Scenes Another common Christmas tradition around the world includes setting up a live nativity scene. Most of the time live animals are not an option for these displays so a lamb, camel or cow costume can come in really handy. Nearly all costume shops will carry Mary, Joseph and select animal costumes.

Conclusion Whether you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas put your tree up in November or have fish for dinner Christmas is a time of merriment for people all around the world. If you have rounds of parties or are planning one of your own and really want to get into the spirit with Christmas fancy dress or cute little reindeer costumes, check out Angels Fancy Dress online, you are sure to find one or two outfits to suit the occasion.

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