Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Shopping

by Frank Williams

Christmas shopping can be seen as an absolute thrill or as a necessary evil. It is a thrill to be out and about amid the sights and sounds of the season and the jovial crowds. But for the same reasons, others dread shopping at Christmas time. These days, you do not need to leave your home much or at all to get your Christmas and holiday shopping completed. That is because the Internet puts shopping at your fingertips and rather than competing with traditional retail stores, the Internet has actually extended the aptitude of conventional stores to sell more merchandise to a larger quantity of people in a larger number of places.

Both large and small retailers can be found at their dedicated Web sites on the Internet. Most will also offer items that can be found in the store. However, online retail sites will frequently have additional products available, or access to additional products, that are not yo be found in the store.

Another benefit of shopping on the Internet is that it gives admission to stores situated anywhere in the world. It has consequently become easier to order a unique gift from a niche or specialty boutique store in locations that you otherwise would not be able to reach. It is also easy to do comparison shopping using 'shop bots' or simply by comparing prices yourself.

If Christmas shopping is done through the Internet, you have to pay careful attention to the order times and any cut-off dates to get an item delivered in time for Christmas. Based on anticipated volume, most sites will give a date or the number of hours within which orders have to be confirmed for guaranteed delivery of the products before Christmas.

The precinct is a well-liked place for conventional Christmas and holiday shopping. Precincts offer one-stop shopping and have a huge assortment of merchandise, which can reduce the endless searching of dozens of stores for some special item. The stores will also be beautifully garlanded for Christmas, have splendid displays and a Santa Claus to interact with children. These and other activities that are usually at the mall during Christmas and the holidays also make them an attractive place to take children to enjoy some of the season's delights.

To maximum benefit from shopping at the precinct, you will need to know the discrepancies between the mall department stores. You will need to find out which stores have exclusive brands, which stores are moderately priced and which are more up-market.

There are also the specialty stand-alone stores and spin-off store branches for kids and teenagers that try to fill a specific niche. As an example, stores have emerged that carry only styles related to hip-hop culture or styles that have an 'urban' look. So it may be worthwhile starting your shopping at a specialty store, because they are more targetted, and then continue onto a department store that has a broader selection.

Another interesting place to shop in precincts are the stand-alone kiosks that are frequently located at intervals in the open areas of a precinct where there is a lot of foot traffic. These kiosks are more likely to carry one-of-a kind items, which can inspire ideas for Christmaspresents.

Also at malls will be specialized shops that offer home/household products, books, music and movies, electronics, sports gear and shoes.

All of the sorts of precinct stores previously mentioned can also be found at Outlet or Factory Precincts or Warehouses, which offer lower prices. These stores often carry clearance products from their associated precinct store, merchandise with minor flaws and merchandise that is made for the outlet. Those items of merchandise usually have minor style variations from what is found in mall stores and may also be manufactured from different materials.

A final place to consider for Christmas shopping is downtown businesses. They are frequently small and personal, have unique offerings and offer more personalized support. Although downtown businesses are also likely to be crowded at Christmas time, there is likely to be less of a crush of people than that found at the malls. - 39969

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