Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finding The Hottest Christmas Toys

by James Francis Camino

As adults, when we think of Christmas, we think of warm cozy nights by the fire, sleigh rides in the snow, and drinking intoxicating hot cocoa while listening to enchanting Christmas music with the ones we love. Our kids, on the other hand, think of TOYS! Sure, they enjoy sledding, snowmen, and snowball fights just fine. But it's the gifts they open on Christmas morning that can make or break a their holiday and as parents, grandparents, Godparents, aunts, and uncles, we want to give them the "best Christmas present ever".

The annual problem adult consumers face is that there are just too many choices out there. With the massive advertising blitz that hits from November all through December 25th, it takes a savvy consumer to wade through all the hype and find that perfect gift. Here are a few recommendations:

LEGOS: For the kid that likes to "build stuff", you can't go wrong with Legos. Many sets help kids to recreate famous movie scenes from the Harry Potter to the Star Wars series. Legos also create a great bonding opportunity for parents and their children. Building together is fun!|LEGOS: Kids like to "build stuff" and there is a reason Legos have been around for generations now. They are just plain fun. There are many different movie Lego play sets to choose from now days. You can get Toy Story, Harry Potter, and even Clone Wars Lego sets that children, as well as their parents, will have a great time sharing.

PAPER JAMZ: Designed for the little music lover, Paper Jamz line of toy musical instruments pack a lot of tech for the buck. A kid can actually play real guitar chords without having to endure blistered fingers and calluses. It's a great way to get a young child interested in learning to play. Paper Jamz also makes a paper drum set that simply ROCKS!

IMAGINEXT: You just can't beat Imaginext play sets for younger children. From their castles to their space stations, they provide hours of hands on imaginative fun. And they also make "BIGFOOT the MONSTER" which is an awesome remote controlled pal for your little preschooler

HAND HELDS: In most cases, you can never go wrong with a hand held video game system. The Nintendo DSi and the Sony PSP have been staples for years now. Older kids love them as well. As for the 5-10 year olds, V-tech has been a leader in hand held entertainment for years now. And, finally, for the 3-5 year old tykes, Fisher Price has come out with the immensely popular iXL system. It's a tough little game and education system that the preschool set just LOVES! - 39969

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