Monday, December 6, 2010

Using Your Credit Card Sensibly This Christmas

by Musa Aykac

When it comes to Christmas, a lot of people will spend like mad on their credit cards. And once Christmas is over the regret starts to sink in. A lot of people will understandably forget that they are going to have to repay this money because of the huge pressure to buy at this festive time. Here are just a few tips to ensure that your use of the credit card over Christmas doesn't put a dampener on the New Year.

- If you are going to be using your credit card make sure you set limits on yourself. The amount that you do spend should be something that you know you will be able to pay off when your statement arrives. The interest that is charged on credit cards can be quite high and this could mean that you are paying this off for a whole year.

- Remember that a gift doesn't have to be expensive for it to be appreciated. Most people won't be concerned about the price of a gift when you have put a bit of thought into buying it; there are some fantastic novel ideals for gifts online. Unusual gifts will be well received no matter how little they have cost.

- Make sure you take care when you use your credit card for online purchases. Websites that are secure to use will have a picture of a closed lock at the bottom of the screen and this is very important; only make sure you use reputable sites.

- You may be better off if you get someone to look after your credit card while the holiday period is upon us especially if you tend to go a bit mad on spending. And although this does sound a bit heavy handed, it is better to do this than to end up in a lot of debt.

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