Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charm Bracelets And Charms - Perfect To Give As Presents This Christmas

by Mark Walters

As the holiday season approaches, some shoppers are still stuck for ideas on what to get that special person on their list. The malls aren't getting any less busy and time is running out. Finding that one item that will put a smile on someone's face sometimes proves difficult because it is hard to pinpoint all facets of their joys and personality into one thing. One gift in particular easily handles all of the various sides to someone's identity and that is the charm bracelet. There are many forms that a charm bracelet can assume, making it a great Christmas gift.

One reason charm bracelets match so many different tastes is that many of them have interchangeable parts. They have lockets or other accessories that are clasped to the bracelet itself and hang from it, displaying literally anything the wearer wishes. For example, a new mother might be thrilled to have a heart shaped accessory attached to her charm bracelet engraved with her baby's name. For mothers with more than one cherished little one, a charm bracelet is more than capable of bearing the names of numerous children. Or, a locket containing a valued photo can adorn the bracelet.

Another charm bracelet that makes a great Christmas gift for anyone is one that is literally made up of photos. Often customized, these bracelets are made up of links that consist of actual photographs shrunk to fit the bracelet. These links connect with one another to comprise a wearable photo album on someone's wrist. Photos of children, spouses, friends, pets, and even vacation memories can be made into a link that forms an entire bracelet when combined with others of its kind. Many manufacturers can have them done in a week for you, but the earlier you order it, the better.

Because charm bracelets are so easily modified, the number of versions one can make is endless. Photos of family and pets are sweet, but just think how happy a fan of Disney would be with Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto smiling from the bracelet. Sports fans are also pleased with their favorite hockey, soccer, and baseball logos dangling from the bracelet. Harry Potter enthusiasts will be happy to know that Harry, Hermione, and Ron can grace their wrists; until the next popular movie franchise comes along and the bracelet will need updating.

Charm bracelets are unique in that they can be modified as times and tastes change. They can be updated to reflect where someone is at in life. Charm bracelets make a great Christmas gift because of the personal touch they provide.

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