Friday, December 3, 2010

Make Christmas Cheaper With Free Gadgets

by Barry Hoverton

Parents know that at Christmas money can be a problem, and what with toys and gadgets becoming more expensive who wouldn't worry about money

There are some ways you can save money though when looking for the latest gadgets for Christmas presents.

Look at the price of the Apple products, children love the ipods and Apple ipads but the price of these gadgets is enough to make any parent cringe, you need to look at getting these gadgets cheap as possible or even for free and that is possible.

Did you know that there are websites out there who will give you most of the latest gadgets for free? Sounds too good to be true but trust me they are real and waiting for you to make your claim.

To most people this would seem impossible or some sort of a scam, but you have to understand how they can give away these free gifts. Once you understand you soon realise what you have been missing out on.

This is all possible through a system called affiliate advertising, company's such as Santander LOVEFiLM pay these website commission for finding new customers. an example is just like when Sky TV offer you vouchers or fifty pounds for each new friend you invite to use their service.

These websites pass on the commission to you the consumer but obviously they still make some profit themselves. So lets say you car insurance is due for renewal, if you used one of these websites to take out insurance you could claim a free iphone 4 or any of the latest gadgets they offer.

If your thinking getting a new credit card for example, you would search through the comparison websites who don't pass on any commission to you. But by using an incentive website you would be able to not only get a new credit card but also qualify to claim a free gift from the huge selection they offer.

First of all you need to find and join a website who offer free gifts. Once signed up you will see you can visit any of the advertisers offers, you need to then choose and complete just one of these offers to qualify.

Once you have completed the requirements your account is checked to make sure everything has been completed correctly, then your free gift is sent out and this is also free there are no delivery charges hidden away.

If you check out the sites listed below you will see you can claim and save a small fortune on all the latest gadgets, do yourself a favour this Christmas and save money by claiming a free gadget instead of paying high street prices.

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