Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Safety Tips for Christmas: Avoiding Fire and Electric Hazards

by Richard Palmer

Christmas is the wonderful time of the year for million of American families all over the United States who are preparing their  Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree, and Santa Claus statues. Decorating your home during the Christmas season is very memorable for all of us, because of the opportunity for family bonding. But sometimes we forget that Christmas decorations can lead to fire and injury if we don't use it properly. Here are several safety tips on decorating your home.

Do not use indoor type lights for patios, gardens and lawns, as indoor lights may lead to incidents of fire if it goes through drastic weather changes.

Before hanging up the Christmas decorations, inspects all lights, extension cords and electric decorations for early signs of wire damage. Replace the broken bulbs, dont use it until you repair it. Immediately replace the decoration if the cords and plugs are damaged.

Double check the lights, electric decorations and extension cords before putting them up. Immediately replace the broken bulbs and damaged wire before using them. Make sure that the wattage rating of the bulb is match to the light strand. A bulb with too high wattage can result to overheat. The general safety rule in using Christmas light is you can only connect 3 plug end to end.

Be cautious not to overload the extension cords. Find out the wattage rate of your extension cord before you plug in. Also find out the power requirements of the Christmas light that you are using, because power wattage is the amount of electricity that is built to carry.

We all know that the Nobel Fir is the best choice among all the Christmas trees because of its thick needles. And if you are planning to buy a synthetic Christmas tree it must be highly resistant to flame. Always check the decorations and lights that you will use for the tree. Because some wire strands might have cracks, frays or malfunctioning plugs. Checking all of these will ensure your safety and your familys too.

Nobel Fir is in demand kind of Christmas tree because of its thick needles that is longer to dry out. Always consider when buying a ArtificialChristmas tree, be confident that it has a high resistant in flame.

It is nearly half of the incidents cause by fire involves a malfunction of electrical wire, it is necessary to check the wire strand (free from fraying wires and insulation cracks) and Christmas Lights are in good term. Water the Natural Christmas tree daily. Place the tree with a minimum of 3 feet away from the radiators, heat vents, and other source of heat to avoid fire.

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