Saturday, December 11, 2010

Four Out-of-the-Box Christmas Gifts

by Irene Browne

It's a safe bet that the Christmas season is among your favorite times of the year. People are happier, more optimistic, and more conscious of being kind to others than they are at any other season. And, for young children, Christmas holds great excitement.

Another joy of Christmas is giving presents to friends, colleagues, and families. Few things are more fun than giving someone you care about a gift they really like.

The other side of the coin...the hardest part of shopping for folks who don't seem to need anything. The following can make your life easier this year if you have any such people on your Christmas list.

1. Whether they like fiction, biographies, or self-improvement themes, nearly everyone reads. Choosing a book for someone, even if you know them well, can be risky, but a gift card from a big box bookstore is always a good bet.

2. Ascertain the recipient's favorite restaurant and buy him or her dinner for two. If you wish to be especially generous, buy a gift certificate that will cover the cost of two meals and wine.

3. Entertainment is always a great gift. Perhaps a day of charter fishing, a weekend of skiing, dinner and concert tickets, tickets to a sporting event or a weekend in an interesting city will put a smile on your recipient's face.

4. Search the Internet, using terms that describe the person for whom you are shopping. For example, you can search for "gifts for senior citizens", "gifts for college students", "gifts for gamers", or "gifts for nerds". You'll get lots of ideas in just a few minutes.

All you have to do is to accept the challenge and do a little thinking and you'll be able to make everyone on your Christmas gift list smile.

About the Author:

Irene Browne writes on daily living, online education, parenting, online degree programs, and gardening for senior citizens.

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