Friday, December 3, 2010

Five Countries to Visit For Amazing Christmas Market Breaks

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by Luca Anderson

Buying Christmas presents is always a challenge and finding new and exciting gifts to buy for your friends and family is difficult. If you are looking for inspiration this year, there are many different Christmas markets that you could visit all over the world. Christmas market breaks are fantastic for finding different gifts that you may not have thought about. 

Visiting the Christmas markets can be done in a couple of ways; you can book onto an organised tour or travel independently, whichever method suits you better. Both ways are great to help you discover the different countries you can visit.

Germany is the most popular country to visit for Christmas market breaks. People flock to the country annually to experience the culture and festive cheer that a German Christmas market creates. You can enjoy the atmosphere as you stroll through the streets looking atChristmas goods and gifts. There are often free music festivals and concerts for you to enjoy as well.

Italy is another amazing country to experience Christmas markets and you will especially love the different types of cuisine on offer in this country. Some of the Christmas market breaks will be set in the beautiful and stunning mountains. There is nowhere better than Italy if you want to sample the traditional, religious feel of Christmas, as this side of it is extremely important to the people here.

America has some fantastic Christmas markets these days and over a million people go to the Chicago Christmas markets every year. The size and scale of this market is amazing and you are guaranteed to find gifts for everyone here, including many for yourself. There are so many different stalls and items to look through that you will find yourself needing extra time to explore further.

France also offers some great Christmas market breaks and you will love the feeling of Christmas in this country. Paris is one of the most romantic cities to visit at Christmas time and you will love the French market stalls. They offer traditional French gifts which you will love and these will give you great ideas for all presents. The smell that comes from these amazing Christmas markets is fantastic, as you get to experience the traditional French cuisine.

Of course, we cannot miss out Britain from this list. There are Christmas markets every single year in different areas of the country, including Yorkshire, Manchester and London. These give a sample of what a real German Christmas market can be like, and are very popular during the weeks leading up until Christmas.

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